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Sunset Cliffs San Diego Wedding

When getting married people are always looking to see where to have it, what fits their budget, their style, and so fourth. Some opt for a destination wedding and others in their hometown. For Jamie and Tim it was a a beautiful hometown wedding in San Diego, California that truly defined them and what they wanted for their day!

Beauty LifeStyle New York

My First DevaCut at the Devachan Salon in NYC

I have been looking at DevaCuts online for months now. I really wanted to get one. If you don’t know what one is or how it works, no worries, I will explain soon! I was both excited and nervous to get one. Over the years I have had bad haircuts or more so what was supposed to be a trim turning into a haircut. This one actually had some good ending results.

My Travelz Nevada Tours USA

Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon Zip Lining in Las Vegas

As I always say, there is plenty of things to do in Las Vegas besides being on the infamous Strip. You can get into the great outdoors and do more than just partying, drinking, or gambling. I am sure you may have even heard or tried out the zip lines on Fremont Street, I know I have in the past. This time I got the opportunity to go zip lining over some beautiful mountains.

My Travelz Nevada USA

A Fun 3 Days in Las Vegas, Nevada

As a person who has been to Las Vegas many many times, there are still things I have not done. It is even better when you go with someone who has never been because then you get to experience it in a whole new way! There are a ton of options of what you can do with your time there, so I teamed up with to bring you this ultimate guide to Las Vegas.

My Travelz Pennsylvania USA

Fun Things To Do In Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey, Pennsylvania has so many fun things to do. I had no idea the full amount until I really looked into it. In all honesty,  several trips would have to be made to do all the amazing things there are to do. Especially if you really want to take your time. So here are some great things I got to do. Also I will mention some things I want to do next time, since time didn’t permit.

Pennsylvania Reviews Tours USA

Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Of course when you visit the Hershey and Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania you would automatically think of chocolate. Visiting everything and anything Hershey is probably on the top of your list. However there are many other things to see and do in the area. One of them is visiting the Indian Echo Caverns. They aren’t too far from Hershey and it is definitely worth the visit.

Beauty LifeStyle Tips of the Trade

4 Non-Essential Essentials For Travel

While packing sometimes you don’t think of certain things you may need. Or if you do think of the little things you may not have thought of these particular items. These aren’t items you must have, but I can tell you they will help and make things much easier. This is especially important if you are going on day trips, weekend, or long-term. Even better if you aren’t checking a bag! Check out some non-essential essentials for travel!