5 Fun Things To Do in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Nawlins, The Big Easy, Crescent City, NOLA. The city has many names and plenty of things to do. So, I am bringing you 5 fun things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana in partnership with Hotels.com. If you are looking for a great area to stay in while visiting this vibrant city with an interesting historical past, Hotels.com has got you covered! Fun fact too, I lived in New Orleans for a bit when I was a kid!


5 Fun Things To Do in Miami, Florida

I Love miami

When you think of Miami, I am sure the first things that pop in your mind is the beach, nightlife, warm weather, and maybe even Rick Ross or Pitbull. So I teamed up with Hotels.com to tell you 5 fun things to do in Miami, Florida. I have been a few times and enjoyed myself. Although I have done a lot there is so much more to see and do. Of course you have to also find a great place to stay while doing all of these fun things as there are some great areas!

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Is Too Much Tourism Bad? Overtourism with Kim Hawk

Louvre Kim Hawk


Is too much tourism bad? Overtourism is the topic we are talking about on this episode with co-host Joanna Teris and guest, travel media and apparel owner Kim Hawk. Overtourism is overcrowding from an excess of tourists. This has resulted in conflicts with locals and many sites of the world closing down or limiting tourists.

New York Season 1 Tips of the Trade

Traveling with Kids with Adanna Dill of Rattles & Heels

Adanna Kids NYC


Are you planning on traveling with kids? On this episode I had the opportunity to talk with fellow content creator Adanna Dill of Rattles & Heels. Adanna gives tips on traveling with kids by plane and on road trips, her biggest struggle traveling with kids, and breastfeeding on the go. As an NYC mom, Adanna also shares her favorite places to go with her kids around the city, how she finds the energy, and a lot more. It is a packed episode so if you are traveling with kids in tow or exploring NYC, this is for you!

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Being A Travel Nurse with Minci Stenson

Minci Stenson



On this episode Joanna is back as my co-host and we interview travel nurse Minci Stenson. Minci has found a way to mix his passion with her profession. She lets us in on what a travel nurse is, how and why she got started, and other travel nurse info. We also find out her favorite places to visit, if she is team carry-on or if she checks bags, budget travel tips, and loads more.