A Few Days in Cancun at the Grand Oasis

Staying in Cancun, Mexico was awesome and the weather was fantastic! Upon arrival we bypassed all the people flagging you down at the airport for rides and headed straight to a known taxi/van service. After a short ride we finally arrived at the Grand Oasis Hotel. The hotel is all-inclusive. They have several other properties that you can get shuttled to as well.

A-Few-days-in-Cancun at the grand oasis ©hollydayz
Grand Oasis Hotel Lobby ©2014 HollyDayz
When you walk into the hotel it is like you walked into a jungle. There are plants everywhere and the heat flows into the lobby because they keep the doors open. The lobby is amazing and they had acrobats and dancers practicing for their performance later in the day.
A-Few-days-in-Cancun at the grand oasis ©hollydayz
Hotel Lobby ©2014 HollyDayz
There are different level wristbands that allow you different access to certain things on the property. One is purple which is limited and the other is black. I got the black one so I wasn’t limited to what I could eat and such.
The issue that arose is how long it takes to check in. Rooms weren’t ready and many people were waiting for hours. Fortunately you are allowed to start using the amenities and eat, so that is where I headed to. After a few hours passed of walking around and eating and standing on-line to get my room key, it was time to go to the room.
Very nice room with a balcony that faced a garden with a peacock walking around. Certain restaurants require you to make a reservation early in the day or even the day prior in order to eat there. The hotel staff was very accommodating in getting a reservation at a restaurant called Dos Lunas on the property.
A-Few-days-in-Cancun at the grand oasis ©hollydayz
Part of the Pool Area ©2014 HollyDayz
The property is huge! In fact I never saw the entire thing. There are tons of places to eat, a huge pool that sprawls from one side of the hotel to the other, a club, gym, spa, shows, and so much more on the premises. You can see the beach from the pool area as well. Its gorgeous. They had some really great buffets and things to do.
A-Few-days-in-Cancun at the grand oasis ©hollydayz
Beach at Grand Oasis Hotel – ©2014 HollyDayz
My top 3 favorite things where as follows:
1. Laying in the hammocks looking out on to the beach. If that isn’t a true definition of a beach vacation (Hollyday) I don’t know what is. Lay there and relax or read. Either way it was amazing with the breeze off the ocean.
2. Although all-inclusive certain things you have to pay a little extra for. For a few pesos (they take dollars though) lounging on the beach with a tiki like umbrella and upscale chairs is the way to go. Not to mention you have your own waiter who brings you drinks as often as you want. Which is great because who wants to leave their scenic seat to keep getting a beverage.
There was also people who would walk by selling things on the beach, so the shopping came to you. It was so amazing I took a nap right on the beach. I wonder if they have something similar to san diego whale watching, I didn’t get to find out because the property is so big and there is so much to do.
3. The Dos Lunas restaurant was great. Got a great table so that the entertainment was perfectly visible. They had a bunch of people singing and dancing. Also had some amazing food and desert.
A-Few-days-in-Cancun at the grand oasis ©hollydayz
Very helpful and friendly staff. Great evening at a great restaurant. It was very enjoyable. Their non-motorized sports are free. They also have lots of tours and activities you can do that they will set up for you. I may try those next time I go. This is definitely a place I would come back to and hopefully do some more activities. So if you have a few days in Cancun the Grand Oasis is a great place to go.
Have you ever stayed at the Grand Oasis?