Staying at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ

I can’t even remember the last time I went to Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Maybe it was high school or early college years. A quick trip there seemed like a great idea.

Atlantic City is certainly not as “over the top” as Las Vegas, but It’s a cool getaway!
There are some awesome perks like the beach and the boardwalk which I didn’t get to because it was raining. So that ended that idea.
I stayed inside at the very nice Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. I have never stayed at a hotel in Atlantic City before so this was a great first experience.
Staying in The Waterfront Tower was awesome!
harrah's atlantic city ©HollyDayz
Entrance to The Waterfront Tower ©2014 Holly Dayz
The room was very beautiful and the bed was so comfortable. I wanted to take the bed and pillows home. Amazing!
I had some amazing much-needed sleep. The bathroom was also very nice. No bathtub, but a very nice stand up shower.
They have a couple of pools. There was a pool party at “The Pool After Dark” that is more like a nightclub, and the other was a family pool. I tried to go into the pool but sadly the family pool was closed due to high chemicals so I couldn’t. The other pool was getting cleaned due to the pool party so I wasn’t able to get into that either. I guess that is what happens when people are jumping into the pool with their clothes on and alcohol in their hands. Bummer.

The Diamond Cove area, is a very prominent section of the casino and they have some amazing food.

I tried a little bit of the lobster roll and I ordered salmon and broccoli. It was pretty good.
Tasted like BBQ sauce was on it. I also had beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes. That was so good!
For dessert, I had a few eclairs, also very delicious. The service in there was really good.
Later on I ordered a red velvet and cheesecake gelato in a waffle cone. It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it!
I tried my hand at some gambling. I got a players card, which is always good to get at a casino. I had some good luck and a lot of fun with that which actually spurred me on to check out some phone casinos when I got home. There is also a lounge in the middle of the casino playing some great music. The “X-Bar” gives guests a 360 degree view of the casino floor.
If you valet your car and plan to get it when everyone is trying to leave beware you may wait awhile in a crowded area. The hotel was really nice, the service by the staff was great minus one person.
I would certainly stay there again and recommend it.