App of the Month: Urbanspoon

If you have ever been some where and tried to figure out what to eat, but wasn’t sure, Urbanspoon is the app for you! This app does a lot of great things and is free! There is also a website. At the moment Urbanspoon can be used in the United States, Canadian cities, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and Ireland. Here are some of the great things this app does:

There is a SHAKE area of the app, which is what I use the most. It helps you find or choose the type of food you are looking for, in a certain area, and price range. Or if you are indecisive and none of that matters you can allow it to choose for you. There are little locks you can tap to lock and unlock the city, type of food, and price range. So if you happen to want to stay in a certain area and keep a certain price range, but aren’t sure of the food you want, it will help you. There are a ton of combinations to help you pick out a place to eat.

app of the month urbanspoon
SHAKE courtesy of urbanspoon app

You have the ability to see reviews for restaurants, photos, and even menus. You are also able to post that information for others to see as well. With that it also shows the establishments hours, a website if they have one, and directions.

You have the opportunity to make reservations. The app lets you know which restaurants take reservations and how much they have left open to accept one. This is done through OpenTable.

If you are looking for a particular type of food, the app can show you everywhere in the city you are in where that type of food is. Or you can just look by neighborhood.

This is a great app for any foodie or if you just want to find a place to eat. It is also great when you and the person you are with are having a hard time narrowing down where you would like to eat. The SHAKE area of the app can help greatly with that.