Norad- Tracking Santa

Christmas is almost here. There are probably a bunch of kids you know wondering where he is and when he is stopping by their house. It is pretty cool to be able to show them on a site called Norad Santa Tracker. Even I had a kick at looking at this site.

Not only do kids get to see where Santa is, was, and headed to next, but they get the opportunity to learn more about the countries he is visiting. This tradition began in the 1950s when children would call the Continental Air Defense Command, thinking there were calling Santa due to an ads phone number misprint. The Director in charge would have his staff check Santa’s location for every child that called.

If any kids wonder how they go about tracking Santa, now you can tell them. According to their site, they use the same satellites that are used in detecting any possible missile attacks on North America as soon as their radar informs them Santa has taken off. That is honestly just the beginning and if you want to find out more visit their website! There are also a ton of other FAQs kids may want to know about Santa, that they have answered. They have even gone as far as to let you know The Sleigh’s details. This will also give you another way to enjoy the story of Santa with the kids in your life.

There is a lot more you can do on their site and they have an app you can download. Keep in mind the kids can’t track Santa till he leaves the North Pole which is very soon! Don’t forget while he is stopping at different countries click on them and learn some stuff about those places. Inspire the wanderlust in your children.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoy tracking Santa! Check out Norad Santa Tracker