The Local NY in LIC, New york

I have never stayed in a hostel, so when I got the invite to stay at one I jumped at the chance! After talking to different people, many had no idea New York had hostels much less in Queens, NY. I knew there were hostels in Manhattan, but finding out about one in Queens was new to me. Located in Long Island City, Queens, NY there is a very nice and modern hostel, The Local NY.


The Local NY is located in Long Island City, Queens. It is extremely close to the city. You can see parts of the city from their rooftop, so you know you’re not too far from Manhattan. A few blocks away there are several trains that can be taken into Manhattan, and other parts of Queens

the local nyc ©hollydayz
View from The Local NY rooftop of Manhattan ©2015 Holly Dayz

The hostel is also in the vicinity of Silvercup Studios, and not too far from Kaufman Studios. The Local NY is also near a few bars and the LIC Flea Market. There is a decent amount of street parking, and there is also a bike rack right outside the entrance.

The Local NY

Walking into The Local NY, the first thing you see is the bar. There is also benches with tables and chairs that you can relax, and eat at. It has a very cool industrial modern look! There are great pieces of art all around. When you continue to walk you will see the front desk. The staff is awesome! They are very accommodating and friendly.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Entrance & Bar Area ©2015 Holly Dayz

There is a huge open room with seating. You can lounge there and chat it up. They also have a projector screen and you can watch television or a movie. They also use this space for performances and to host parties. In a corner you can find a bunch of vending machines. Right by the front desk are some restrooms. The women’s restroom had a bunch of metro cards on the wall which looked pretty cool.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
The Local NY Lounge Area ©2015 Holly Dayz

As you keep walking to the left of the front desk there is a sitting area. One gentleman had his shoes off, feet kicked up, watching a movie on his iPad. They really allow you to be comfortable. As you continue to walk you see a big table. People were on their laptops or on the hostels computers. There were also a bunch of books and board games. They really make great attempts to have their guests interact.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Front Desk & Sitting Area ©2015 Holly Dayz

As you head around the corner, to get to the rooms, there is a kitchen. There were a few people in there eating. There is also a board on the wall. The board informs you what events are going on at The Local NY and what day. There are also tour options that a guest can take, many for free or discounted. If you head all the way up the stairs you will be able to step out on to the roof top. There are some great views to take in. You can also sit down and relax on a nice day.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Rooftop ©2015 Holly Dayz


There are about 36 rooms. Rooms start at $39. Most of which are located on the second floor of the building. I saw 2 other rooms on the first floor. There are dorm rooms, private quads, and double/twin. To get to the majority of the rooms, you have to climb a bunch of stairs. You then enter an apartment style hallway. The room numbers are above each door.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
The Hallway ©2015 Holly Dayz

The rooms have electronic keys. You simply tap your room key and the door unlocks. The room that my friend and I got was a double room. Upon walking in there was a small sink and a couple of towels. It was very nice. Walking further into the room there are two twin beds in an L shape and two small stools. The window looked out to the front of the building.

There was also an AC unit in the room. It was pretty cold so I turned the heat on. The room itself had a door that could be closed off from the front half of the room. There was another door, upon opening I found a toilet. On the door is a sign letting you know not to bring any food or drinks into the room. I saw another door next to the sink which I thought was a closet, but it was a good sized shower.

The room was immaculate! The beds were pretty comfortable. Even with blasting the heat for hours the room was still pretty cold and their was a slight draft. I also counted about 6 outlets in the room, so all electronics can be charged up. I wasn’t able to see the other rooms, but they do have the traditional dorm room style rooms.

The dorm style rooms have bunk beds. Each bed has an outlet, a reading light, and under bed storage. If you don’t have a lock they will lend you one to use. Each bed also has a privacy panel. There are all male, all female, and co-ed rooms. Each of the rooms has its own bathroom. There are also towels and if you need new ones the front desk is happy to provide you with another. The private quad has two bunk beds in the room with an en-suite bathroom.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Bunk Beds. pic courtesy of

I am not sure how many bathrooms are on the floor, but they can be accessed by anyone with a keycard. Inside the “public” bathrooms on the floor are three sinks and two shower/toilet combos. It was very clean.

Hostel Amenities

Upon arrival your keycard comes in an envelope. With that envelope you get a complimentary welcome drink at the bar between 7-8 pm. The welcome drink consists of certain wines, beer, or soda. I tried the rose wine. I don’t really drink at all, but it was good. It is also to help promote meeting other guests. Although no other guests talked to us we still had a great time. I heard they also have coffee. All they need is some hot chocolate!

the local nyc ©hollydayz
My wine I got as a welcome drink ©2015 HollyDayz

There is a coin operated laundry room! There are 2 washes and 2 dryers. So if you are staying for a long period of time or just didn’t bring that much clothes you can wash!

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Laundry Room ©2015 Holly Dayz

There is free wi-fi. It doesn’t get any better than that right? It was pretty quick too. I was able to access it everywhere.

If you don’t feel like going out to get food there is a huge binder full of menus to bring the food to you in true New York City fashion. Pretty much anything you can think to eat can and will be delivered to you. We ordered some food and had no issues with them finding us. We ate near the bar.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
The Kitchen ©2015 Holly Dayz

The kitchen was cool too. A few people were cooking spaghetti. There are two microwaves and two fridges. They ask that you take a yellow sticky and write your name and check out date on your food. There is also a dishwasher. The fridges were pretty crowded. They were filled with left over food and some groceries guests bought. There was also a FREE area for items left from past guests that they didn’t use. There is a small counter to sit at and eat.

Everyday of the week they have something going on! Monday is Open Mic Night were you can show off your talent or come and listen to some local acts perform. If you would like to perform at The Local NY you can do so on their site! Tuesday is Drink & Draw. I saw some pretty awesome drawings hanging up on the wall. The Local has some very creative guests. Wednesday and Saturday is Live Music where you can listen to local acts perform. Thursday is Trivia Night were 4 teams face off to win a $50 bar tab. Which most likely would go along way because the drinks aren’t expensive. Sunday is Movie Night and they give you free popcorn. Every 3rd Sunday they have comedians do improv and standup.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Activity Board ©2015 Holly Dayz

There is a table with outlets so that you can sit and use your electronics. They also have their own computers and printers you can use as well for free. There are a ton of books and games to play as well.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Computer/Game area ©2015 Holly Dayz

There are a few vending machines to get snacks and drinks out of. There is one vending machine in particular that is pretty cool! This vending machine was mounted to the wall and was touch screen. This vending machine allowed you to purchase headphones, toothpaste, chargers, converters, and other little items you may have forgotten. You can also get a ride from Uber from the machine. There is also an ATM.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Vending Machine ©2015 Holly Dayz

The lounge area is awesome with the seating and projector. They also host many events in that room. If you are looking for a space, reach out to them. There is a guitar that I thought was just for show, but found out I can actually make an attempt to play. It was one of my favorite areas to be in! It was a bit chilly though so I suggest a light jacket when there.

the local nyc ©hollydayz
Lobby/Lounge Area & Vending Machines ©2015 Holly Dayz

The Local NY provided a great experience. This is a great hostel to stay in and I would highly recommend it when visiting the New York City area. It is clean and has so many guests from all over the world. There is a great vibe. Even if you live locally they invite you to come and hang out! So if you are in the area or planning a trip, check out The Local NY!

Disclaimer: Whilst receiving a room to review, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced.