App of the Month: My TSA

Sometimes you will arrive at the airport really early anticipating very long security lines only to find out there is barely anyone there. Other times you may have too much liquids in your carry on bag only to be turned away from TSA and now have to check your bag. It is a lot of information that changes. The TSA realized all of this and more and has decided to make an app, My TSA, to help passengers.

The TSA app is free and available in the iTunes store and Google Play. It is very easy to use and is very helpful. The TSA says this app will help passengers not only save time, but money as well. The app has some great features that can help you on your trips.

Can I Bring?

app of the month my tsa ©hollydayz

This section of the app is very helpful in letting you know what you can go through with. All you do is type in what you are trying to bring. The app tells you if it can go on your carry-on, needs to be checked, or is a no go all together. It gives detailed info that will help you pack accordingly.


app of the month my tsa ©hollydayz

The guide informs you on how to quickly get through security. This part of the app lets you know what can set off a metal detector. It gives information about shoes, head coverage, and piercings. This is especially great for first time flyers or those who rarely travel. It gives some Do’s and Don’ts such as; Do pack coats and jackets in checked baggage when possible. Don’t wrap gifts.

There is also an informative area about liquids and gels that will help when packing. This also includes foods. For those traveling with kids there is information on what has to go through the X-ray machine. If your wondering about acceptable IDs there is a section for that as well.

Wait Times

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Those who use the app have the ability to update others on wait times for security lines. This is great to know if you will be able to speed through security or need to arrive even earlier. The more people who use this feature, the more helpful it will be for all.

Current Weather

When flying, weather is a huge factor to consider. It can mean the difference between a potential delay or cancellation and an on time departure. This section of the app gives you a decently detailed weather forecast of the city you are in.

TSA Pre Check

app of the month my tsa ©hollydayz

For those who have signed up for TSA Pre Check or considering it, this part of the app lets you know how the process works. It also briefly explains the application process. Another great feature is that it lets you know which airports participate in TSA Pre Check. There are other features that may come in handy for you with this app and I definitely suggest downloading it. It can answer a good amount of questions for you or someone else.