$10 Lunch Challenge – Queens vs. Tampa

In the midst of filming Queens of the Boroughs Series with my friend Joanna, we decided to do a $10 lunch challenge – Queens vs. Tampa. Feeling competitve we challenged another travel blogger in another city to see if and what she could get lunch for $10. With our own special guest in Queens we took off in search of lunch. Not only do you get to see who won, but also what you can get for lunch in these two cities!

There was only one rule for this $10 lunch challenge. The bill, including tax, had to come out to $10 or less per person.
Queens, New York verses Tampa, Florida
We had a special guest with us in Queens, NY, hip-hop artist Rain.
We challenged Lauren, a travel blogger from OutDoorsy Diva.

Have you ever eaten at either place? Who do you believe won this challenge?