The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica

I have been wanting to go horseback riding on the beach for quite sometime. Heading to Costa Rica I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to finally do this. I was really excited when I found The Riding Adventure and saw an option for a sunset ride on the beach.

Walking around Casa Tucana we were trying to decide what to wear and the GPS coordinates to The Riding Adventure ranch. We left pretty early not sure how long it would take us to arrive. The GPS has us turn into what looked like a very nice residential planned community. We weren’t sure if we were in the right place. There weren’t any signs or anyone around to ask.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Arriving to the Ranch ©2016 HollyDayz
The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Horses on the ranch ©2016 HollyDayz

As we continued to drive, we turned into what looked like the right place. There was no one around, just some dogs trying to stay cool in the shade. As we pulled in further we saw some horses. I turned my phone on to place a call to the owner, Diego. He informed us that we were in the right place. We got there earlier then we anticipated, it was about 10 minutes away from where we were staying.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Staying cool in the car ©2016 HollyDayz

We hung out on the grounds waiting for Diego since we got there too early. It was too hot so I retreated to the air conditioned car. Once Diego came he began to get the horses one by one and feed them. Once there were done eating and were saddled up, Diego demonstrated to us how to direct the horses.

He is very sensitive about his horses and cares deeply for them. We mounted the horses, I was on Mambo. Diego showed us his dance moves. Each horse seemed to move at their own pace. Diego and his friend who was riding with us were ahead. I was in the middle and my friends seemed to be way in the back. Once we finally got down towards the busy highway my horse decided he wanted to eat the plants.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Me and Mambo ©2016 HollyDayz

Eventually Diego made us all get off the horses and ride in the van to the beach with his brother. He thought it would be safer if he and his friend crossed the street with all of the horses. We understood since the horses seemed to be walking too slow to cross the busy street. We got to the beautiful beach which was across a tiny street from a nice hotel.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Playa Esterillos ©2016 HollyDayz

They came with the horses and Diego ended up switching the horses. Instead of Mambo I rode Cinderella, who apparently is a kicker. The others had to make sure their horse wasn’t directly behind her. We all rode down the beautiful beach that was pretty much deserted. It felt like we had the beach to ourselves. The sand was a blackish gray and was gorgeous.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Me and Cinderella ©2016 HollyDayz

It was so beautiful to watch the sunset. Once it hit the horizon it was gone within a couple blinks of an eye. The ride was over and Diego decided that he would take the horses back with my friend so he could drive the car back over to us his friend. So us two ladies took a walk across the beach and sat at an outdoor restaurant/bar watching the sunset. It was so beautiful to watch as we waited for our friend to come back with the car.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Watching the sunset from the restaurant ©2016 HollyDayz

I really enjoyed the ride on the beach. I wanted to go in the water with the horse, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully another time soon I will get that opportunity. Diego takes care of his horses and cares for them. You can tell he prefers horses over people.

The Riding Adventure in Costa Rica ©HollyDayz
Beautiful beach and sunset ©2016 HollyDayz

I really liked that besides Diego and his friend it was just us. All the attention and focus was on our small group of 3 and we had fun. Diego even took my camera and took some photos and video for us. He wanted to make sure we had some nice pictures and I appreciated that. If you are in Costa Rica, I would recommend you check out The Riding Adventure.

Have you ever been horseback riding in Costa Rica?

Disclaimer: Thank you to Diego and The Riding Adventure for having us. While receiving a discount all opinions and views are my own.