App Of The Month: One: Night

Looking for a last minute hotel? Maybe you want to have a romantic evening, need a staycation, or only plan to be somewhere for the night. This is a free app that is for same day bookings. One: Night has handpicked hotels that have been selected in some major cities, most within the United States.

One: Night can be found in many cities including Austin, Bangkok, New York City, Palm Springs, Miami, London, and more. They are providing deal on unsold rooms in each respective city.

app of the month: one night © hollydayz

The app looks fairly simple to use. Pick a city and check out the different hotels. If you decide you want more than one night, you do have the option of booking up to 7 nights. Starting at 12pm everyday the hotels and their prices are released on the app.

app of the month: one night © hollydayz

The app also gives an hour by hour of insider tips of things you may want to do. This is to not only maximize your stay in the city you are in, but also the hotel. That is pretty cool as it could lead you to discover something you may not have.

Although I have not yet used One: Night, but it seems cool. When thinking of it I also thought of Hotel Tonight, which I have used. When I looked at the hotels offered on both apps for the same night, I noticed they were completely different. So if you do use that app, then this one will give you even more options to choose from.

So next time you need a last minute hotel, give One Night a try!

Have you ever tried One: Night?

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