Tales Of A Sneaker Collector With WHy-It Everybody’s Favorite & DReeds Heat

Episode 1

Are you into sneakers or interested in learning about the world of sneakers? There are tons of people out there who are avid sneaker collectors who are commonly known as “Sneakerheads.” They give us an inside look into sneakerheads, tell us the most they have ever spent on a sneaker, their favorite pairs, how they organize them, buying sneakers during the pandemic and much more!


a sneaker collector ©hollydayz

It’s me, Everybody’s Favorite, Why-It! I’ve been in love with shoes since I can remember but in love with the game of collecting since about the time I was 15. I transitioned to a high school baller and Jordans never let me down.  From the color-ways, to the silhouettes, shoes will always have my heart and I hope I can share some of my journey and passion with you as I jump like Mike into my adulthood. 

I’m a native of Indianapolis, IN. I currently reside in Dayton, OH, where I hold a position at Wright State University as a women’s basketball coach. At a young age I discovered my love for the game of basketball. Being a part of the sports culture, I naturally gravitated to the latest and greatest when it came to sneakers. What began as an admiration for the shoes my favorite athletes wore, turned into a means of self-expression. My passion for the fashion industry and sneaker culture is what influenced me to create a YouTube channel. It has allowed me to connect with individuals from different backgrounds who share a similar love and interest for kicks.    

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