Family Friendly Things to do In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of my favorite places to go! I have been many times and still find new things I haven’t yet done. There is plenty to do there and not just for adults, but for kids and teens alike. Some you may have heard of, but I am hoping this list gives you some different ideas from the norm. I have partnered with to bring you some fun family friendly ideas on your next trip to Las Vegas!

While in Las Vegas there are many great hotels to stay when visiting. They all provide different vibes, I have stayed on the strip and off. If you stay on the strip, I would recommend the middle towards the end depending on what you are looking for. Off the Strip has some beautiful and spacious hotels. You can even stay at some hotels close to these family friendly activities.

Visit Museums

I am sure most people don’t associate museums with Las Vegas, but they do have them! There is the Pinball Hall of Fame, with over 200 nostalgic pinball machines. Some of the machines date back to the 1950’s and some of the revenue is donated to charity. Great fun for the entire family.

Neon Boneyard Tour in las Vegas ©hollydayz
Neon Museum ©HollyDayz

Another fun museum is the Neon Museum, which I personally suggest visiting in the evening if you go during the summer. I about melted out there, plus they light it up at night. There are over 200 neon signs, some that date back to the 1930’s. Seeing the many signs and hearing the stories behind them was a great time despite the weather.

Other museums to check out is The Mob Museum. Seeing that Las Vegas was founded around the Mob; this is some great history to be learned. There are 3 floors worth of things to see with video reenactments, a courtroom experience, and much more. Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is also in Vegas if you are into spooky things. Zak is the host of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventure. With 30 rooms of scary objects collected from around the world, this is a unique experience.

Hang Out At The Lakes

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Lake Mead ©HollyDayz

Lake Mead is a man-made lake that spans from Nevada into Arizona and is about 24 miles from the Strip. They have their own version of a “beach” at Lake Mead and the water felt great when I went. There are plenty of activities to partake in including boat rides, some of which go by the Hoover Dam. There are tours of the Dam or you can just walk around the area. Renting jet-skis or a boat are also popular at the Lake. Many people go camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and have picnics.

Lake Las Vegas is one of my favorite places and is about 20 miles from the Strip. It feels like you have transported to the Mediterranean when you arrive at this man-made lake. Besides grabbing a bite to eat, rent a boat and driving up and down the lake is a lot of fun. Many people bring music, lunch, drinks for the ride. SUP is also a lot of fun on the lake. If that isn’t your cup of tea they also have sailing, bike rentals, and music events.

Flying High

Family Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada ©hollydayz
Helicopter Ride ©HollyDayz

Helicopter rides are a lot of fun, especially if you go at night! My friends and I were transported in a limo to a helicopter and did a 15-minute ride over the strip, lit up in all its glory. I saw plenty of kids going with their parents for this quick, but fun ride. It is something to give a go.

There are plenty of places to go zip-lining as well! On the strip, 12 stories up and going 35mph there is the Fly Linq Zip-line. Off the Strip at the Rio Hotel, 500 feet up is the Rio Zip-line. This one allows you to sit down and zip across. Downtown Las Vegas on Freemont St, is home to SlotZilla. 2 zip-lines are here one being 77 feet up and the other 114 feet high. Lastly at Bootleg Canyon Zip-line there are 4 different lines to zip at varying heights that go 60+ mph.

Family Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada ©hollydayz
The High Roller ©HollyDayz

Not into helicopters or zip-lining, that is OK. The Linq also has The High Roller observation wheel 550 feet up with 360 degree views. It takes about 30 minutes for the entire ride. They also have a S.T.E.M family field trip, where a self-guided curriculum sheet can be downloaded. It comes with a 30-40-minute lesson plan.

The Great Outdoors

Besides heading out the lakes, there are plenty of other great outdoor activities to indulge in while visiting Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon is about 15 miles from the Strip in the Mojave Desert. There are 13 miles of panoramic viewing spots. The scenery is gorgeous driving through it all and you can get out and explore. Many people also hike there.

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Red Rock Canyon ©HollyDayz

The Valley of Fire State Park is 50 miles from Las Vegas filled with beautiful rock formations, canyons, and caves. The park covers 46,000 acres of beauty waiting to be explored. There is also the option of camping as well. Another fun place to visit is Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation in the desert. 35-foot-high colorful boulders to check out and get some great photos.

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Seven Magic Mountains ©HollyDayz

Sprawled over 180 acres, the Springs Preserve has desert botanical gardens, walking trails, events, and more. The Preserves are about 3 miles from downtown Las Vegas. They are also known for having animal, art, and travel exhibits. Have some fun looking at the butterfly or desert tortoise habitat or renting a bike.

There is plenty to do in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hopefully this list has provided you with more ideas outside the norm or that you may have thought of for your next visit. Whatever you choose to do there is fun and unique experiences for the entire family. I may even have to make a part 2 to this list!

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