7 Baby Items I’m Loving Right Now

When you are planning for a baby there are so many things on the market to buy it can be really overwhelming. Even with research and suggestions it still takes a lot to figure out what to buy. If you have heard how I choose hotels, then you can only imagine the amount of research went into looking at different baby items. Despite all of that, there are just some things your baby won’t take to or things you find that are better than others. So here are 7 baby items that I am loving right now as a first time mom that I either bought or were gifted.

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Baby Brezza Pitcher

For whatever your reasoning of feeding your baby formula, it is no one’s business, fed is best. (Let me get off my soap box.) So if you are feeding your baby formula, this pitcher is a life saver. I picked it out and it was gifted by a friend. I have seen a lot of mom’s talking about the formula to water ratio, not putting enough or too much formula, and then shaking up the bottle. To me, it is much easier making a pitcher and having it ready to go.

This pitcher has a motorized mixer operated by 3 AA batteries and can mix up to 28oz at once. No clumps, no worrying about bubbles from shaking causing gas, it is already pre-made and ready to go! Also this is great if you need a mixer for other things, such as powdered drinks.

Fisher Price Puppy Swing

Fisher Price

This swing must be the holy grail of swings, because I have seen so many people with it. I picked it out and it was gifted by a family member. It does take up floor space, but giving your baby an activity and allowing some hands free time for yourself is priceless. The swing can be operated by batteries or just plug it in. It has different swing modes, a reflection mirror, music for day and night, as well as a mobile. The thing is a life saver, especially if you are trying to grab a bite to eat quickly, while baby swings and stares up at the characters.

UppaBaby Cruz V2 Stroller


The suspension on this bad boy is amazing. It is on the bigger side and a tad heavy at 25.5 lbs, but it is great. I tested a bunch of strollers out and this one glided beautifully and it made great turns. Taking it out into the real world, it does amazing on bumps and uneven sidewalks. The mini seems very comfy in it on the nice walks we have taken. It also can hold a great amount of things in the under carriage.

Tiny Love Magical Tales Black & White Gymini

Tiny Love

Tummy time fun for your little is great with this play mat. I picked this one out and it was gifted by my friend over at The Sophisticated Life. It is a great mat with different stimulating toys, one with musical sounds. It is adjustable and very easy to clean. If they get tired of tummy time, then lay them on their back and let them reach for the toys.

PlaySkool Glow Worm


I originally wanted to purchase this because I had a glow worm as a baby. So I felt that my mini should have one too! Turns out this is one of the best purchases I could have ever bought. The glow worm lights up and plays several songs. With 3 modes, I keep it on long play mode. The glow worm is my littles BFF! Probably the best purchase ever.

Baby Nasal Aspirator


Trying to get those pesky boogers out? This nasal aspirator is great. It has lights and a choo-choo sounds to distract your little when going in for the boogers. There are 3 levels of suction and 2 types of tips you can use. It takes 2 AA batteries and comes in a nice case to store or take with you. Works even better if you use some saline spray. We have gotten plenty of boogers out with this thing and it is very easy to clean.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Bags


After hearing a lot about different diaper trash cans, I opted to go with the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Bags. No diaper pail taking up space and then the entire thing smelling terrible. Friends and family gifted these and I just went ahead and bought some more. They are great for home or on the go. We only use them for poop diapers and you don’t smell anything foul. The bag is infused with baking soda, so it masks the funk.

I am very positive I will be back with more lists of things that I love and suggest you get as well. Stay tuned!