Pre-Flight Skin Care Products & Routine You Should Try

I am sure you have seen many people show off their in-flight skin care routines. I am kind of going against the popular trend when I say, don’t bother running the entire skin care routine mid-flight. It is very easy to dry your skin out and make you more susceptible to germs doing this. I suggest doing the majority of your routine pre-flight and then drinking tons of water and adding moisturizer to your lips, hands, and face if needed. Here are some products I suggest to help you stay moisturized for your next flight that you should be doing pre-flight!

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pre flight skin care routine ©hollydayz 2021
DHC Oil Cleanser

Prior to your flight, especially long haul flights, wash your face with your cleanser of choice. Double cleansing is best to help remove make-up, dirt, oil etc. It is best to start with an oil cleanser and then move on to a foam cleaner. I have many that I rotate in and out. I don’t yet have a holy grail for this yet. If you have dry skin like I do make sure it is one that doesn’t strip your skin and make it feel all dry.


pre flight skin care routine ©hollydayz 2021
Laneige Cream Skin

Follow up your cleansing with a toner or essence. These can help restore your PH level in your skin and add hydration. My favorite toner is the Laneige Skin Cream. If you have oily skin, then this can also double as your moisturizer if you want it to. If you have dry skin this is great to help add moisture back into the skin.

Face Mask

pre flight skin care routine ©hollydayz 2021
Lululun Face Masks

A face mask is a great way to add moisture back into your skin. After washing your face, apply a face and mask and follow directions. Do not allow it to fully dry out. Make sure to rub the serum of the mask into your face and neck and do not wash it off. I highly recommend the Lululun facemasks. They have many different kinds, even for sensitive skin. For extra hydration try intensive moisture. There are tons too choose from that will fit your needs!


pre flight skin care routine ©hollydayz 2021
Nature Republic Shea Butter Moisturizer

It is time to moisturize your face! This is the last layer of hydration. My favorite is Shea Butter Ultra Steam Cream by Nature Republic, but it can also be purchased on YesStyle. They have different levels of this cream to suit your needs if you have more oily or normal skin as well!

If you are headed out while its still daytime, I highly recommend a SPF. I rotate threw a few and am currently trying a hybrid moisturizer/SPF that I will review soon. It is also great to have chapstick on hand for your lips or you can use the Laneige Lip Sleep Mask. This stuff is simply amazing and lasts a long time. Your lips will feel so smooth and hydrated. They also make a glowy balm version.

I would also suggest a hand cream of your choice to keep those moisturized in flight as well. Apply your chapstick or balm as needed. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during your flight!

I am constantly trying out new skincare products. So I will have some lists of other items I recommend in the future.

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