App Of The Month: Flush

Have you ever been out and need to use a bathroom, but can’t find one to use? Even as a local, running around your city, traveling to other destinations, or even if you are a ride share, delivery person, or your job requires you to be out in the field and you need a bathroom. Flush is the app you should have on your phone.

Flush is a free app that you can download on Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The app is simple and extremely easy to use. If you allow the app to have access to your location it will automatically show you all the bathrooms in the area that you can use. You don’t even need an internet connection to search for a restroom.

When tapping on the individual toilets, it may let you know if a key is required, it has disabled access, or if it requires a key. Many that I looked at didn’t have that information, but if you find out I am sure you can send in that info for other users. If you happen to find a restroom to use that is not on the list, the app allows you to submit that information to help others.

Hopefully next time you are out and about looking for a restroom this app will help you to locate one! Have you used this app before?

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