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3 Great Places To Eat Dinner In Barcelona, Spain

The amount of places to eat in Barcelona are endless. So much so that it could be difficult to choose. I saw many of the same places recommended over and over to try out, but I didn’t bother. Once in Barcelona I looked at TripAdvisor and tried out one place a couple of blocks from the hotel. The other 2 places were highly recommended by this wonderful lady who worked at the hotel.

Crudo Bar is the place I found on TripAdvisor. The restaurant received a certificate of excellence last year. It is a few blocks away from Plaza De Cataluna. Crudo Bar isn’t huge, but it is a nice space. The staff was attentive and friendly.

We ordered the pan con tomate (bread with tomatoes) as a starter. I am not a fan of tomatoes by far, but the bread was good. We also ordered the grilled salmon with curry and orange sauce. It was a nice portion and tasted great. The prices were also very reasonable.

Citrus was recommended to us by one of the amazing hotel staff we chatted with. It too was in walking distance from the hotel and was across the street from Casa Batllo. Although not needed, the front desk made us a reservation. We got there earlier than anticipated, but was still seated immediately.

The staff was super friendly. The hostess even came upstairs to the table to make sure I was able to connect to the free Wi-Fi. The food was delicious. Once again the starter was the bread with tomatoes and olive oil. We ordered the duck magret on a bed of pineapple, Idiazabel cream cheese, and roasted pistachios.

Although it doesn’t look like much it was filling and priced well. For dessert I had the warm chocolate coulant with chocolate ice cream. My mom ordered Catalan creme brûlée with red berries. Whenever I get back to Barcelona I will be eating here again.

Cuidad Condal was recommended by the same lady at the hotel. It also has a certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor. Upon arrival it was extremely crowded. We waited about 20 minutes to get a table. Looking at the menu we weren’t sure what to order. These very nice ladies from the UK recommended a sample platter that they had. Wr ordered it and most of the stuff on it was good, but I was still hungry.

Once I looked over the menu again we tried the beef tenderloin and the four cheese pizza. Honestly, I should have gotten all beef tenderloin because the four cheese pizza wasn’t that great. The beef tenderloin was so tasty! Cuidad Condal has so much on the menu including tapas, sandwiches, salads, and more. This place is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Beef Tenderloin ©2019 HollyDayz

So next time you are in Barcelona check out these 3 places for lunch or dinner. The menus have plenty to choose from.

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  • By Ema

    I’ve been to Barcelona twice but I’ve never hears of these 3 places. However you convinced me with the Crudo Bar. The grilled salmon looks delicious. I’ll make sure to try this place next time.

  • Stacie

    I’ve never been to Barcelona but the food looks very interesting. The cheese pizza sliders look like a whole new way to eat traditional pizza.

  • Jonna

    The salmon looks and sounds delicious. Now the beef tenderloin, that’s something I’d like to try – looks so good!

  • Carissa

    I need that 4-cheese pizza slider in my life right now! Actually, everything looks amazing and delicious!

  • Shantel

    Whereever they serve creme brûlée you can believe I’ll be there. That’s my all time fa orite dessert.

  • Kiwi

    Barcelona is on my travel list. I know I want wine for sure but I bet the foodie culture is amazing out there thanks for the suggestions!

  • Kim

    When we went to Barcelona we ate at Crudo , but maybe during our next visit we can try out the other places

  • Mimi Green

    The food looks delicious, I’m all about exploring new cuisines. It sounds like the customer service was incredible as well.

  • Lauren Floyd | Honeycomb Moms

    Barcelona is definitely on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to go there since finding the city in one of my old Spanish textbooks. Madrid’s on my list too!

  • Desert Safari Deal

    Wow! these look scrumptious. If you get another chance to visit Barcelona, do try Fideuà and Canelons – these are Ah-mazing!

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  • Monique Ruffin

    I love Barcelona. The food there is good and people are so nice. If I ever get a chance to go back I will definitely check out these places.

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