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9 Hours in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been to Philly a handful of times. Most times finding something new and different to do, see, and eat. This time was no different. I was a little too tired, otherwise my day of exploring would have been longer. Getting to Philadelphia from New York was quick and relativity easy. It served as a nice day trip and my friends and I had fun.

My friend Joanna and I took the Megabus, located across the street from Jacob Javits Center. Tickets can be purchased online or where the buses meet. It is cheaper to purchase it from their website. I purchased mine right before the cut off point which seems to be about 15 minutes or so prior to the buses departure time. It cost me $9. My friend didn’t make it on the site in time and had to purchase it from the umbrella stand at $15. Both prices were one way.

Once on the bus we sat on the upper deck. The wi-fi on the bus wasn’t working, but we did happen to find the power outlets. Even with a bit of traffic we were able to make it to Philly in 2 hours. Once in Philly there are 2 stops. We got off on the first one because it left us in the middle of everything. We were a 5 minute walk from Reading Terminal Market to go grab some food.

Independence Hall ©2017 HollyDayz

After we grabbed some food we walked around the historical streets. Hung out around Independence Hall a bit before heading over to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. We sat down on a bench taking in the beautiful weather. We also decided upon a time to head back to New York City and booked the return bus trip. We decided to catch the 9pm class. The total cost for me was $20 round trip.

Walking along the river ©2017 HollyDayz

Soon my other friend who frequents Philadelphia met up with us and we began to explore. We headed over to Penn’s Landing and the Delaware River. Had no idea I could just lay out and relax in a hammock. There are also a ton of places to eat and drink. Boat rides were also there.

Crab Fries ©2017 HollyDayz

Walking further down there was a little amusement area with a ferris wheel, skating rink, and more. We got some crab fries and enjoyed the beautiful weather. There were also games to win prizes and even a life-sized Connect 4.

Graffiti Pier ©2017 HollyDayz

Our next stop was Graffiti Pier. It looks pretty sketchy and you do have to cause some caution lines and walk through some wooded areas to get to it. I can’t express enough please wear bug spray!!! We didn’t and when we got back home found out our legs were completely eaten up by mosquitos and it took days for them to go away.

Graffiti Pier ©2017 HollyDayz

Graffiti Pier is an abandoned area that has turned into a place people to go to do photo shoots, shoot videos, or just hang out. There were a bunch of people walking around and even saw some folks spray painting. It isn’t street art, it is what it is called, graffiti! There is also a tree you can climb to get to another area with some great views.

Philly ©2017 HollyDayz

After Graffiti Pier we got in an Uber and headed to the Rocky Stairs. There were a ton of people working out on the stairs. Of course a ton of people were just running it for fun with Rocky music. We ran it sans the music, I did it twice. Not sure what I was thinking. Loved watching the sunset from the steps. We then started taking a walk away from the steps and towards Insomnia Cookies before heading to the bus to go back to NYC. We had a good time and would definitely do another day trip to Philadelphia. We did a lot in 9 hours I can only imagine if we had even more hours!

Have you been to Philly? What did you do?

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    Glad you had a great time in Philly.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you. Definitely did.

  • Therese Bruning

    I’ve been to New York but never Philadephia. It seems to be a great option for a day trip if you’re holidaying in New York for a longer period. Hopefully I’ll make it back there one day (it’s a long way from Australia).

    • Holly Dayz

      Hopefully next time you get back over to this side of the world you will pay Philly a visit. It is a really nice city with so much to offer.

  • Indrani

    The bus tours are practical options if you have just a day in a city. They show all important destinations.
    Loved those colorful graffiti. The mosquito menace should have been taken care of.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea, but we went to areas the bus doesn’t go. Plus it wasn’t our first time there.

  • Cyril

    I have been twice to Philadelphia, both times on business unfortunately, think that I only saw the liberty bell but that was in the 60’s. Sounds like there is a lot more to see now. Will have to add it my my list of cities to visit on my US trip

    • Holly Dayz

      Oh wow, time to go back and explore. Yes, add it to your trip itinerary.

  • Sreekar Harinatha

    My brother too took the bus tour as he was short on time. Nice pics. They do eerily look similar to the ones he took. May be it was a cloudy day then too:) He still tells me about the day trip whenever we talk about the states!

    • Holly Dayz

      We didn’t take a bus tour. It also was a day where one moment there was some clouds the next blue skies and sun beaming.

  • knycx

    There are some places that are quite typical in the east coast and there are some place that are iconic like the Independce Hall, thanks for the ideas and tips!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea every place has their own something special.

  • Laura Redmile

    I might be coming to New York next year and didn’t realise Philly was so close! Not too expensive for a day trip and sounds like there’s plenty to do! I’ll definitely be venturing to Philly 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea it is very close. Next time you are in the area venture on down to Philly!

  • WorldGlimpses

    The river front looks lovely. Always my first choice if there’s any waterfront in the area! 😀
    And the Graffiti Pier looks so interesting. Great place for some pretty good photos, it seems. 😉

    • Holly Dayz

      It was really nice. Enjoyed the hammocks. Graffiti Pier was cool to explore.

  • Meg Jerrard

    So cool that you’re close enough for a day trip to Philly – how awesome that there are hammocks set up across the Delaware river! Those crab fries look so good! Haven’t heard of Graffiti Pier – sounds cool, though thanks for the tip on bug spray! Hope to get to Philly soon 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      I loved the hammocks. The crab fries were really good, it was my first time having them.

  • Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Your day in Philly sounded wonderful and yum to the crab fries, would have loved a taste of them! Bus trips, although a touch touristy are the best way to drink in LOTS of great destinations when time is short.

    • Holly Dayz

      Didn’t take a bus trip per say. Used the bus to get from New York to Philly. Didn’t use a bus to get around.

  • quirkywanderer

    That’s an amazing video. Loved the convos! 🙂 I didnt know one could do so much in a day in Philly! Well done 🙂 The graffiti Pier is my kind of place with all its colours and vibrance 🙂 Bug spray! 😛 hehe

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you! We had a lot of fun. A lot can definitely be done, but there is so much to do there.

  • Johann Kuruvilla

    These bus tours are great. Looks like it was a fun day in Philly. You did manage to find some funky places to visit like the graffiti pier. Crab fries sounds interesting.

    • Holly Dayz

      We didn’t take a bus tour. We did have fun though.

  • Karla

    I really enjoyed the food in Philly. I also liked their prison tour it was really interesting. Though small, I liked my time there

    • Holly Dayz

      Philly has some good food. I will have to check that out next time.

  • Ollie

    I always forget how bit United States are and that there are planty od cities to visit! Distances usually are big but I see you are close to Philladelphia to make a day trip 🙂 Graffiti Pier is something really new for me!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes, there are so many cities to visit! On the east coast the cities are closer together too, so it makes it pretty easy.

  • gastrotravelogue

    I have never heard of crab fires, but they look divine! I am a great fan of street art and Graffiti Pier is somewhere that I really would enjoy visiting.

    • Holly Dayz

      That was my first time hearing of them or trying them. My friend ordered them and they were really good. Graffiti Pier was pretty cool.

  • fross37

    Hey Holly you have some very interest images here Awesome!

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