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App of the Month: Mobile Passport

If you have ever flown out of the country then you know coming back can be a nightmare. Long lines wrapped around so that someone can check your passport and potentially ask you some questions. You could literally be standing there for an hour or more. A free app aims to help you bypass those long lines, Mobile Passport.

The Mobile Passport app is officially authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. That makes it official and not just some random app. Although you can not use it at every airport in the U.S there are plenty you can use it at. Some of these airports include, New York’s JFK, Atlanta, Miami, and more. You can see the complete list here.

App Of The Month: Mobile Passport ©2016 HollyDayz

This app will let you submit your passport information and customs declaration via iOS and Android devices. Not only are you able to put information in for yourself, but also for your family as well. Once you land you can submit your information and receive a receipt. The receipt allows you to bypass all the long annoying lines and enter into your own lane. Once you show your passport and receipt to a U.S Customs and Border Protection officer you can be on your merry way.

If you happen to be a U.S or Canadian citizen on B1 or B2 visas, you can also use this app. Once you submit your receipt it is only valid for 4 hours. They promise the app has strong privacy protection. The airports are starting to include signage to inform and remind people to use the app. I recently flew into JFK and saw huge signs promoting Mobile Passport.

I have not yet personally used the app as I have Global Entry, but I have heard from numerous people who have used it and they loved it. Some people have even said it is faster than Global Entry so I plan to give it a go next time and see for myself. You can also learn more about this app here. So if you don’t already have Global Entry or you just want to give it a whirl, try out Mobile Passport.

Have you used Mobile Passport before? How was your experience?

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  • kemkem

    The only sucky part about this is that you need wifi to use it upon arrival. Our Spanish phones won’t let you use data out of the country 🙁 so we weren’t able to use it on our last visit. That being said, they have the kiosks now where you can input the info and get your receipt, then use the special line..we were out in like 5 minutes as opposed to the long lines 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      Oh that does stink. At least you were still able to get by quickly.

  • MUAKimPorter

    I almost signed up for the app, but I’m a little leary about using apps for things like this. I also have global entry, and if this is better, maybe one day I can muster up the courage to try it.

    • Holly Dayz

      That is understandable. I have heard a lot of people saying it is great though so seems like something to give a whirl to.

  • Minority Report

    Wow, this is great info! I don’t have a passport yet, but if Trump wins, I’m going to need it!! I will be applying for my passport soon and this app looks like it will come in handy.

    • Holly Dayz

      Haha. I am excited for you to get your passport!

  • Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    Thanks for sharing! I love any app that makes the lines at airports flow faster lol. Will be sharing this information.

    • Holly Dayz

      I don’t blame you. Who wants to spend time in the airport when you can be at home or somewhere exploring lol

  • mimicutelips

    This is such a smart idea, I didn’t know anything about it. With the lines getting longer and longer I’m all about traveling smarter.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is a great idea. Although if everyone got it, I wonder what the lines would look like then lol

  • Toya

    This seems like such a great idea. I’m all about ease and speed at the airport.

    • Holly Dayz

      Seems like the best things at the airport to have…ease and speed.

  • Jo

    I’ve been meaning to use this. Next time I leave the country, I definitely will.

    • Holly Dayz

      Awesome, let me know how it works out for you.

  • Demetria Zinga

    Faster travel is always a plus for us, especially with a military husband who travels frequently. Thanks for sharing this app.

    • Holly Dayz

      Oh great then I hope it works well for y’all then.

  • Real Wife Coach

    This is a great idea. I will definitely have hubby look at it. We could have used this in Atlanta airport.


    I’ve used the kiosks before and they are really fast. I bet this will make life so much easier…

    • Holly Dayz

      The kiosks are fast I love them.

  • Moms 'N Charge (@MomsNCharge)

    Whoa! This is truly a game changer! I’m always paranoid about losing our passports. They’re not cheap lol. Thanks for the heads up, will definitely look into it.

    • Holly Dayz

      That is understandable. You still need your passport, this just makes coming into the US easier.

  • staciesayzso

    This app would make using a passport so much easier. I’ll have to keep this in mind for my friends travel internationally.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes and let me know if it works well for you whenever you do.

  • Noel Morata

    I definitely will be looking into this real soon, great post.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you. I hope it works well for you.

  • Jess

    I’ve seen the signs in the airport for this app, but hesitate using it. Plus, I wasn’t sure how to know which airports it works in. Maybe it tell you in the app??

    • Holly Dayz

      I have put a link above that lets you know all the airports you can use it at now and which ones are coming soon.

  • carla

    While this app may sound amazing to have, I don’t think my country is ready for that yet. Though it would be really great to have it available in our immig lines soon!

  • sara | Belly Rumbles

    Will look into this next visit to the states. Must admit I am rather lucky when coming home in Australia, the Smart Gate makes it very quick breeze.

    • Holly Dayz

      I use my Global Entry so it is a breeze for me as well, but this is a great alternative.

  • Natalie Deduck

    Airport queue are tiring, anything that can help people to get through easily is a blessing!! Wish we could have something like this for worldwide travelling, it will make my nomad life way better! Cheers, thanks for sharing!

    • Holly Dayz

      They are, so using this to bypass the horrible lines is a plus in my book.

  • Joanna

    That’s awesome!! Great advice, no one wants to waste their time on those lines. Checking this out next time I fly

    • Holly Dayz

      Great, I hope it works well for you. I know I don’t like standing in the lines.

  • sophierose233

    Oh this sounds amazing. Always good to bypass the super long customs queues! Wish the UK would come up with something similar!

    • Holly Dayz

      It is great to pass the lines. I don’t think anyone really wants to stand in some long line.

  • Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    I just flew into JFK a few weeks ago and saw the signs for this app. I wanted to check it out so I’m glad to read your post. The app seems great! I have Global Entry and I wonder how folks who paid for it will feel if this mobile app gets you through the line faster. How could you justify paying for GE or charging for it, you know? Definitely plan to check it out.

    • Holly Dayz

      I was thinking the same thing…why have people pay for Global Entry when they can use this. Have yet to figure that out…but I am guessing there would be no point to renew it if you have this app.

  • Karla | karlaroundtheworld

    This seems to be a good app—easing airport lines. Some airports are terribly busy its just annoying. Hope this really helps.

    • Holly Dayz

      Many airports are horrible with the lines when coming back into the country.

  • Meg Jerrard

    Really interesting concept – I love that they’re getting a lot more innovative to try and speed up the lines and immigration process as much as possible. Will give this a go!

    • Holly Dayz

      I agree, it is great they are trying to get people out of the lines quicker.

  • Traveling Bytes

    Thank you, Holly! I am so glad that I found your post – flying back to the US this Friday and I was already dreading staying in line. Just downloaded the app. Hopefully, it would work 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      Oh I am so glad this is going to helpful for you and something you will be able to use soon. I hope it works out well for you when you return!

  • katefrankiebrennan

    US immigration and custom lines take a very long time to go through as a UK citizen so it must be frustrating when you’re a US citizen and standing in the same long lines! We have the electronic gates now in major airports like Heathrow so you can scan your own passport & only do customs if you have something to declare. Its a lot easier. Good luck using the new app, it sounds like good progress!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea those lines aren’t fun. I believe I had to stand one them a few times and I just wasn’t for it. That is great that the Heathrow has that.

  • Dave

    It will be a convenience if we could just do some clicks in our mobile devices and not line up in long queue. I think I’ll give this app a try. Thanks for sharing.

    • Holly Dayz

      Welcome, it is such a convenience to get out of the airport faster.

  • Carly Moore (@girloutofbounds)

    Wow! I’m not a US Citizen/Resident so this doesn’t apply to me, but I like the idea behind it. Its not really the same, but I can usually bypass a lot of long lines with the self scanner things in Europe with my passport – although they’re often out of order.

    • Holly Dayz

      That sounds great when it actually cooperates and isn’t out of order. Maybe the idea will expand a bit.

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