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Extended Stay America LaGuardia Airport in NYC

New York City has so many hotels all over the place it can be hard to choose where to stay. NYC hotels are also known for being fairly expensive as well. Finding one can be a little tricky. Being from New York I typically don’t have to worry about hotels unless people ask for recommendations and areas. So of course when I get the opportunity to stay at Extended Stay America at LaGuardia Airport, I was excited!


Extended Stay America LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is located about 10 minutes away from the airport. Close enough to get there in a great amount of time, but far enough away to not feel like an “airport” hotel. There are bus stops not too far away and if you are coming from LGA a free shuttle. If you are driving they offer complimentary parking. There are plenty of stores nearby that include Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, Five Guys, Old Navy, Starbucks, and more.

Extended Stay America LGA

I have never stayed at one, but I was looking forward to checking it out. They allowed for an early check in which is always a plus in my book. The gentleman at the front desk, Carlos was really nice and attentive. Anytime I needed something whoever was at the front desk was ready and available to help. The lobby area is small, but there were always people there hanging out enjoying themselves and talking to everyone walking in and out.


Kitchen ©2018 HollyDayz

There are two types of rooms one is a studio the other is deluxe. Upon walking into my room, I was pretty surprised. The room was huge. As soon as you walk in there is a kitchen. It has a large counter top, small sink, two burner stove, microwave, and a full-sized fridge. There were also several cabinets to store items.

Tub/Shower ©2018 HollyDayz

Right next to the kitchen was a bathroom. It was a decent size. The tub even looked like you would be comfortable taking a bath. The water pressure from the shower was great. There was one sink and plenty of counter space.

Sink Area ©2018 HollyDayz

There was a desk and chair and then a huge king bed. The bed was pretty firm, if that is your thing. I wish it was a little softer. Next to the bed was a closet. It can’t store tons and tons of clothes, but it can get the job done. There was also a flat screen LG television across from the bed sitting on a dresser.

King Sized Bed ©2018 HollyDayz
LG TV and Desk ©2018 HollyDayz

Next to the bed was a small wall divider that separated the bedroom area from the living room. The living room had a couch that opened out into another bed. A coffee table, an end table, another desk and chair were also there. A full reclining chair and regular chair were off to the sides from another flat screen LG television that was mounted to the wall. I thought it was really nice.

Living Area ©2018 HollyDayz
Living Room Area ©2018 HollyDayz

Hotel Amenities  

There is free Wi-Fi throughout. I was never given the access code and I forgot to ask for it when I passed by the front desk. They also offer a free shuttle to and from the airport. Extended Stay also offers parking at $10 a day. One has to remember to obtain a parking pass from the front desk in order to not be towed.

Any kitchen items needed such as cooking utensils, bowls, plates, etc can be obtained from the front desk. I got a few things so I could eat and drink some things in my room. There were also ice trays in the freezer, but ice can also be obtained from a machine in the hotel. Since there is a supermarket, Target, and BJ’s near by I saw many people come back with a ton of things to stock their kitchen with for their time at Extended Stay America.

Laundry Room ©2018 HollyDayz
Dryers ©2018 HollyDayz

On the main floor there is a coin operated laundry room. Inside the room is a television, vending machines for snacks and sodas. There was also a vending machines on every floor that had phone chargers, headphones, and laundry detergent in case you forgot yours. I didn’t get to try it, but there is a grab and go breakfast. Coffee, tea, muffins, cereal, and other items are provided.

Vending Machine ©2018 HollyDayz

Overall it was a great stay and I would definitely go back to this Extended Stay America and would love to check out others. I was actually sad to leave because I really enjoyed my stay and time there. I didn’t want to leave. It definitely felt like home away from home. They do a great job of that whether you are staying for a short period or extended period of time.

About Extended Stay America:

Extended Stay America doesn’t charge guests 5-10% more to cover loyalty program expenses and

Extended Stay America offers everyday low rates on nightly, weekly, and longer stays

Disclaimer: Thank you to Extended Stay America for hosting me. While receiving a complimentary stay all opinions and views are my own. This article also contains an affiliate link.

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  • Bradley Cine

    I’ve always wondered about an Extended Stay. Great to get a review of the one over near LGA since I’m going to be working in NY soon and may consider it as an option since I’ll be there for a week. Love your reviews Holly. Thank you!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was really nice. I enjoyed my time there and I will now look into staying at others in the future. A week would be a great option, especially since there is a kitchen!

  • Joanna

    Oh this is awesome!! It definitely looks and feels like a comfortable stay and reasonable too. I will definitely have to take a look at it one day.

    • Holly Dayz

      It was pretty nice. I enjoyed my time there.

  • Jimmy

    First thing I noticed was the huge room. Never expected it to be that big. The near by stores and laundry are a huge plus. The room looks welcoming, and I’m definitely a firm bed guy so they’re alright in my book. Thanks for the review, and photos were on point.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thanks! I didn’t expect it to be that size either. I was pleasantly surprised. Oh the bed would have been perfect for you.

  • Christopher

    The place looks nice . I’ve always been a JFK guy but I go to give credit to LGA with this one cause it looks clean and liveable . All the essentials you need

    • Holly Dayz

      It was very clean and nice. It was like a home away from home.

  • Queens of Virtue

    LaGuardia is a great location! This hotel looks totally upgraded and glad you enjoyed your stay! It’s been a while since I’ve been to NYC! I have to check this spot out!

    • Holly Dayz

      This is a great hotel to consider when visiting. Spacious nice room.

  • Kita

    This extended stay is far different than what I see around my town. Looks comfortable and close to the airport is always a good thing.

    • Holly Dayz

      This was my first time at one that I can recall and I enjoyed my time there. It was very comfortable.

  • Edith Rodriguez

    It definitely looks comfortable and like a great stay! I like the fact that it’s in New York, has a Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Starbucks nearby, and that you can do your laundry. That’s always a struggle for us while on the road for a while.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yes, doing your laundry was a great added bonus. It was very comfortable. I enjoyed my time there and was sad to leave.

  • knycx

    I love the kitchen and the room is spacious and a lot of cool facilities! Thanks for the introducing and I now know there a good choice when I am transiting @ the Laguardia Airport!

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea, this is a great place even if you aren’t just transiting. I loved how spacious it was.

  • Elaine Masters

    I’m like you and have never booked an extended stay but this looks like a fine place to spend some time. Cool that the room was so large and that kitchen is promising. It’s a place I’ll remember next time I need to spend time in the NYC area and still be close enough to the airport.

    • Holly Dayz

      It was a really nice place to be. I was very surprised how large the room was. Especially since it is in New York, but Queens is a bit more on the spacious side. It is also not too far from Manhattan and The Bronx.

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman

    The New York is such a difficult place to travel to with a choice of three major airports and a network of public transit that can boggle the mind. Having a home base like extended stay so close to Laguardia would really help simplify the equation. You can get in and to your room easy enough and have the hotel help you access the remainder of the city.

    • Holly Dayz

      Luckily I have a post that helps those learn how to navigate the subway. It does help and not only is it not too far from LGA but also not far from Manhattan either.

  • chloe

    Although the room is not a super luxurious type, it serves everyone’s needs as a traveler. I love the fact that the room is spacious and has an inbuilt kitchen. It does help travelers save a lot of money on food! Plus, the location is perfect!

  • Daria

    I will definitely have to check this out. I love that the room is a nice size and easily accessible to what’s needed for your stay.Thanks for sharing.

  • Mimi Green

    This went far beyond my expectations. New York is known to have small yet expensive rooms. This place looks very nice.

  • Kiwi

    Ive only flown into NYC through LaGuardia neve JFK. I will keep this in mind when I go back to my birthstate city.

  • Toni Wiggins-Sorzano

    Looks very comfortable surprisingly. The fact that there is a kitchen and the room is spacious is a plus. Great review

  • tiffanytravelsblog

    I like that is feels like home, this is perfect for someone like my aunt who travels to work for months at a time. I like the items that they have available in the vending machines.

  • rukunitl

    This is very interesting post! I have never stayed in an extended stay before, but this one looks very comfortable, spacious, and welcoming too. The kitchen is everything!

  • Te Espi

    I’ve never stayed at an extended stay but this doesn’t look half bad. Hotels in NYC usually cost at least 1.5 limbs 🙂

  • Michelle Thames (Naturalista86)

    Looks amazing! I’ve never stayed at extended stay but this helps me the next time I think about it!

  • Winter White

    This hotel is reminding me of when I used to travel for work all the time. It was SO important to have the kitchen and washing facilities. These kinds of places are super preferred when I’m traveling for work. When I’m on vacation I prefer something a bit more fancy but just for the bar lol

  • One Girl One World

    How funny, I almost stayed here once! I needed a super last minute place to stay near the airport but ended up at a different one due to availability. Looks like I missed out! Next time I’ll book in advance.

  • Karen Akpan

    Omg, Extended Stay has laundry rooms. Wow. I would have never thought about that. Our family loves to travel and this is perfect. The oversized room is great too. Love all the extra space.

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