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Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Of course when you visit the Hershey and Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania you would automatically think of chocolate. Visiting everything and anything Hershey is probably on the top of your list. However there are many other things to see and do in the area. One of them is visiting the Indian Echo Caverns. They aren’t too far from Hershey and it is definitely worth the visit.

Upon arrival to the Indian Echo Caverns there are signs to turn in. We passed a mini golf course and other little activities. Make sure you look at the signs to take you to the free parking area. Once we parked we headed over to the little building. Inside is a gift shop and a place to purchase tickets. We didn’t have the warmest welcome at first, but we got a receipt with our group on it and were told to head out and wait for our group letter to be called.

Animals ©2018 HollyDayz

Once outside I could hear a ton of kids yelling and talking. There were some school trips happening. The kids were playing on the playground. It was chilly that morning so we had on some hoodies and sat to wait for our group. I soon noticed some turkeys, goats, and an alpaca walking around a petting barnyard area. I thought that was pretty cool. There was also a gem mill area.

Entrance To The Caverns ©2018 HollyDayz

After a little wait it was finally our groups turn. I believe our tour guides name was Eric. He was really nice, had a few good jokes, and was very knowledgeable. We went down 72 steps to get to the entrance of the cavern. Clearly going down them was much better than going back up them after the tour was over. No worries there are benches to sit down on, on the way up. I saw some people taking advantage of this!

Different colors in the caverns ©2018 HollyDayz

Once inside we learned that not all the colors we see in there are natural. You are also not to touch any of the rocks/formations. The oils from your hands do damage to them. So if you walk through and see a green or dull colors when it should be white that is why. Also if you happen to notice black around the caverns that is from the people who once lived and stored things there that used fire.

Water with a blue tint ©2018 HollyDayz

There are also small bodies of water inside. Upon first glance it looks really clear, but then you notice a blueish tint. We were informed that is due to people accidentally dropping things in the water. So please be mindful of your belongings and touching anything but the railings while in there. It is always important to preserve these places.

Beautiful Cavern ©2018 HollyDayz

The caverns are 52 degrees year around so you can imagine during colder times people have lived in the caves. Especially in the winter. In fact there is one such known person who lived there for 19 years, William Wilson who became known as the Pennsylvania Hermit. Once inside the area he stayed in black is all around from the fires he used to burn while living there.

The Indian Echo Caverns also boasts an area inside known as the Wedding Chapel. The flowstone inside is white and makes you think of a wedding cake and such. Many people have gotten engaged and married there. Clearly with the space a wedding would be very intimate, but very cool nonetheless.

Flowstone from the Wedding Chapel Area ©2018 HollyDayz

There is also tons of flowstone that look like many different figures depending upon your imagination. Incase you are wondering they have lit up the caves with lights so that you can see. The guides turn the lights off once leaving the areas. At one point our guide turned off the lights to give a sense of what it was like to be in there with no light at all. Hence using fire to try to see a long time ago.

There is much more to learn about the caverns. Many stories and myths and much more. You are just going to have to go check it out for yourself. It was my first time visiting caverns and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool and I would recommend you check it out if you are in the area. See more of the caverns in the vlog below.

Have you ever been to the Indian Echo Caverns?

Disclaimer: Thank you to  Visit Hershey & Harrisburg and Indian Echo Caverns for having us. While being hosted  all opinions and views are my own.

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  • Jimmy

    I enjoy places like this. Anything concerning nature as well as animals, trees and rocks are always a plus in my book. Never visited caves before though, so it’s on my list. Pictures were great. Enjoyed the post.

    • Holly Dayz

      Then you would really enjoy this place. I know I did and it was my first time visiting caves.

  • K. Elizabeth

    I would have never thought a place like Indian Echo Caverns existed in Pennsylvania. We I think about these beautiful rock caverns and caves, I always envision them being out West or down South. Definitely adding this to my travel bucket list.

    • Holly Dayz

      The Indian Echo Caverns were really nice and my first time visiting caves. Nice hidden gem. I hope you get to visit soon.

  • staciesayzso

    This really looks cool inside – love the pics. My claustrophobia would be acting up though so I’ll take your word for it.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you. It was pretty spacious down there believe it or not. There were groups of people down there at the same time and they weren’t even in the way.

  • Sybil

    I’ve never been, but we lived near there a few years ago. Since we will be heading near the area again, I need to put it on my list to visit. Kind of reminds me of the Lost Sea in TN. The

    • Holly Dayz

      Sounds like a place I need to check out. I have never heard of the Lost Sea. I think you all would like it, it was really cool.

  • Mimi Green

    I have not but I would love to visit. It should be about a 4hr road trip from me. The kids would really enjoy it and the history it comes with.

    • Holly Dayz

      It would be a great road trip. We road tripped it from NYC area. Nice drive and we really enjoyed it.

  • Eva Wilson/SocaMom®

    That looks so cool! I know my kids would love exploring in a place like this. Adding it to the list!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was cool. We really liked it.

  • Kita

    I use to drive up North through the mountains and always saw signs for Caverns. One day I need to do this. This pictures are spectacular. I think my son would be so fascinated by the Caverns.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you! They are fascinating. We really enjoyed them. The history and myths paired with the beauty was pretty awesome.

  • Leslie

    I have never been but after looking at these beautiful photos, I definitely want to! This is an attraction my family would enjoy.

    • Holly Dayz

      Family would really like it. A lot of kids were there having fun and asking lots of questions.

  • Jennifer

    The Indian Echo Cavern looks like a great place to go exploring with my teens. We love going on nature hikes and being in nature. I think it’s really cool that you can have a wedding in the cavern. I bet it’s a beautiful experience!

    • Holly Dayz

      It is. Enjoyable for all ages. I thought it was pretty cool too, especially when you see the space in person.

  • Joyce Brewer

    I’m interesting in knowing about the safety precautions they take there in case of an earthquake or collapse. There are similar caverns in Tennessee/North Georgia that our son’s Cub Scouts troop visited.

    • Holly Dayz

      The most they have had was it flood and no one was in it. The area isn’t really subject to earthquakes like other parts of the country.

  • terri

    This post really made me smile. Growing up my mom was obsessed with visiting caverns in PA. WE’ve been to somany of them. However, we never visited this one. I can’t wait to tell my mom that missed a must-see cave!

    • Holly Dayz

      I didn’t realize there were so many. I hope you go check this one out. You have a new one to add to the list!

  • Jessica

    Nice! This is on the halfway point of my drive from DC to Rochester where my mom lives. Will try to stop by next time. How cute is the petting zoo, my daughter would love this!

    • Holly Dayz

      Oh yea then this would be a great stop. Hang out for a couple of hours and explore. Check out the animals!

  • steph and zach dorworth

    Never been to Pennsylvania but it’s great to learn some different things to do there! Love doing something different like checking out caves. That’s unfortunate people drop things in the water there. Sounds like it’s a must-see. Love the video too!

    • Holly Dayz

      Hope you get to visit soon. The state has a lot to offer! It is sad, but that is the world we live in. Things get polluted.

  • beautythatwalks

    Wow! There is so much to learn and explore about this cavern. Will consider it for my next sightseeing vacation.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is pretty cool. It was my first time going into caves.

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman

    Indian Echo Caverns looks like a well decorated tourist cave. I am always leery of places that offer miniature golf and petting zoos, but I would probably enjoy visiting there. Who knows, I might even pet me a goat or two.

    • Holly Dayz

      They don’t offer it. It happens to be in the front of the area they are located. It is entire separate entity.

  • Andi

    I’ve never visited here, but it looks really cool! It’s not too far from DC where I visit my sister, could be a fun side trip!

    • Holly Dayz

      It would be a cool side trip. Something to think about checking out.

  • thestyleperk

    These caverns look so beautiful! This would be a nice quick trip for me from DC!

    • Holly Dayz

      They were beautiful. I enjoyed myself.

  • LDH Is TravelAtWill

    We just got back from Pennsylvania. And we did indeed to to Hershey. Wish I had seen this before we left. The picture of the Indian Echo Caverns looks fascinating. Love the colours. The cool temperatures would have been a great relief from the extreme heat last week. The flowstone almost looks like lace. Pennsylvania is a good drive from Toronto, so maybe we will go back some time.

  • SherianneKay

    Super interesting that the oil from our hands can change the coloring of the cavern, i had no idea

  • Mei & Kerstin ??

    Wow! We didn’t know that there are caverns in Hummelstown! But then again, we’ve never been to Pennsylvania. One day, we’d love to visit and when we do, we’ll certainly go tour these caverns, since Kerstin is a big fan of caverns and grottoes!

  • carrie

    You’re right, every time I’ve been to Hershey I’ve headed straight for the chocolate (and the theme park) and never looked any closer! So interesting that people get married in the cave — I’m a bit claustrophobic so I can’t even imagine.

  • Vicky and Buddy

    I may actually be road tripping through this area in September, so this post really has me excited! I love going into caverns have been to many around the US including ones in South Dakota, Texas, and Florida. It’s crazy to think of that one man living there for so long though. I don’t think I could ever do that!

  • Kirstie Saldo

    I have always been hesitant about going to caves. I think it’s because of a pretty traumatic experience from childhood where I visited a cave in my country. That trip was more of a pilgrim though. However, if the caves were this beautiful, I think I might go for it!

  • Journey On Oanh

    Hi Holly,
    What a beautiful place. If I have an opportunity, I will get to Pennsylvania for sure. Thank you a lot. I think I will get several unforgettable memories.

  • Anna Makridi

    Amazing place! Thanks for sharing!

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