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The Meritage Resort & Spa in Napa, California

Napa, California is a wine lovers paradise, set in wine country. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in and around the area. Trying to figure out which can be a little difficult, but The Meritage Resort & Spa has plenty to offer, making this the hotel to choose. I was pretty excited for my stay!


The Meritage is located about an hour from the Sacramento Airport and the Oakland Airport. The San Francisco Airport is an hour and 15 minutes away. All depending on the traffic of course! If you get the opportunity to fly into Napa County airport, it is 5 minutes away.

The resort is best accessible by car. It is best to have a car in Napa, but Uber can get you around with no problems either. Downtown Napa is a mere 10 minutes away. Wineries are everywhere, but you don’t even need to leave the property to walk around vineyards or do some wine tasting!

The Meritage Resort & Spa

Upon arrival we inquired about valet. A gentleman quickly came to take the car so that finding parking wouldn’t be an issue. There was a short line to check into the room. The front desk staff moved the line very quickly and were very friendly. Check in was breeze and my room was ready!

Front Entrance ©2017 HollyDayz

Looking around the lobby, it was very pretty. There are tons of sitting areas, a fire-place, and the concierge’s desk towards the back. You could also see one of the pools, sitting areas, and fire pit. There are a bunch of different buildings on the property, but my room was located in the main building.

Meritage Lobby ©2017 HollyDayz

The staff was really nice and prompt. At one point there was no valets around to get the car. I went in to let one of the ladies at the front desk know and she immediately ran outside. She found the keys and got the car herself. Amazing service! They were also very friendly and filled with a lot of information.


There are several different types of rooms and suites at The Meritage Resort & Spa. Each room has a Tuscan inspired design. I stayed in a premiere room. The room was very spacious and had a huge balcony with a table and chairs. Stepping outside my room, it overlooked the adult only pool, vineyards, and a fire pit.

The big balcony ©2017 HollyDayz

I started to really take a look at the room after coming back inside. The king size bed was really comfortable and smelled nice and clean. I loved the decor. There was a very comfortable chair and ottoman next to the bed that I later found myself relaxing in.

Comfortable bed and chair ©2017 HollyDayz

A long desk was on the other side of the room. There was a nice sized television mounted on the wall. In one of the cabinets there was a safe and a DVD player. A mini fridge, a Keurig with teas and coffee, and a complimentary bottle of red wine were in the room. There was also 2 complimentary bottles of Evian water.

Television & Desk area ©2017 HollyDayz
Mini Fridge, Keurig, Complimentary Bottle of Wine etc. ©2017 HollyDayz

There was a nice sized closest that also had an umbrella inside and a couple of soft robes, extra pillows and blankets. An ottoman sat near the door in front of a full length mirror. I thought this was great for putting shoes on right before stepping out.

Sink/Vanity Area ©2017 HollyDayz
Shower ©2017 HollyDayz

The bathroom was a great size. There was no tub, but a nice spacious standing shower, it was a shame it wasn’t one of those fully frameless glass shower enclosures. On the other side was a doorway to the toilet for extra privacy incase someone else is using the sink or in the shower. There were some really nice sized soaps, bath gel, shampoo and conditioners that smelled really good. I had to take the stopper out of the sink for the water to go down. The vanity was the perfect size and the lighting in the bathroom was A1. I also located some cotton balls and q-tips which was a nice added touch.

Hotel Amenities

There are two heated swimming pools. One is an adults only pool the other is a family friendly pool located at the Vino Bello Resort which is adjacent to The Meritage. Both pools are open from 7am – 10pm. Three whirlpools are also on the property. I stumbled upon one that made you feel as if you were in a nice secluded place.

Adult Only Pool and Bocce Ball Court ©2017 HollyDayz
1/3 Whirlpools ©2017 HollyDayz

The Meritage has a 1,650 square foot fitness studio. I went looking for it, but didn’t find it. There were a lot of events and conferences going on. A lot of people were around so I stopped looking for it, but it is definitely a great property to hold a conference or an event!

Entrance to Spa Terra ©2017 HollyDayz

Of course there is an award-winning spa on the property, Spa Terra. I passed by it, but didn’t get the opportunity to try any services. There is an underground Estate Cave with treatment rooms that sound very intriguing. Next time I get to Napa I will have to pay their spa a visit!

A bocce ball court can be found right behind the pool area. I have never played, but it looked very interesting. Bicycles were for rent if a ride was up your alley or you want to get a little exercise in.

Vineyard Trail Map ©2017 HollyDayz
Part of the Vineyards ©2017 HollyDayz

9 miles of trails through the vineyards is also on the property. Walking around the vineyards is peaceful. It was extremely hot, so I definitely didn’t do the 9 miles, but I did walk around the trails for an hour or so. The scenery was beautiful. I also found a picnic table under a nice shaded tree, which was very relaxing.

Scenery around the vineyards ©2017 HollyDayz

There are a few dining options on site. Siena is one of them, that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I tried to grab some dinner there, but it had just closed for the night. Blend is a place you can order coffee, smoothies, wine, or even some organic ice cream.

Bar Area at Crush ©2017 HollyDayz

Crush is another place to grab some lunch or a snack. My friend and I ordered a few appetizers. I ordered mini shrimp tacos with ceviche and cilantro. There were a little spicy, but really good. My friend ordered ribs, but didn’t really like them so they quickly replaced it with no hesitation for a burger. I was told the wings and the burger were really good.

Burger & Fries ©2017 HollyDayz
Wings ©2017 HollyDayz
Mini Tacos ©2017 HollyDayz

The atmosphere inside Crush was really nice. There is a full bar, fireplace, several televisions to watch sports, a bowling alley with a few lanes, and a pool table. Prices for the pool table and bowling are by the hour and prices change between weekdays and the weekend. The staff at Crush were really great, especially Kevin, who was friendly, upbeat, and all around really cool person! They must’ve checked out the best bowling balls that they could get their hands on as all of them were really good. A couple of us even got strikes on some occasions and I put that down solely to the balls as I don’t think we would’ve got any otherwise. Apparently they had a look at a guide on a website called Skilled Bowlers (you can find More @ I think we might have to do this for future bowling games as we had a great time; it was much more competitive.

Some of the seating area with fireplace ©2017 HollyDayz
Pool table and Bowling lanes ©2017 HollyDayz

The Meritage has a lobby bar with an extensive menu. A seasonal Terrace Bar serves cold drinks by the pool. There is also an exclusive tasting room forty feet below in the Estate Caves in the Trinitas Cellars Tasting room. There are tours and tastings, private tastings, as well as an artisan chocolate pairing.

One of the many seating areas ©2017 HollyDayz

The resort has free wi-fi and it works very well! I had no issues with it whatsoever. Tours, hot air balloon rides, and tee times for golf lovers can be arranged. There are also tons of seating areas around the entire property, some with fountains or fireplaces.

Gazebo ©2017 HollyDayz

Looking for a place to hold a wedding? While walking around I found a beautiful gazebo perched on a hill with a beautiful view! A deck was already laid out with fold up chairs. The breeze up there was amazing and much-needed. I couldn’t even tell it was as hot as it actually was there. Perfect, picturesque place for a ceremony.

Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony Space ©2017 HollyDayz

The Meritage Resort and Spa is a beautiful resort with a great staff! I highly enjoyed my stay there. It was so relaxing! My favorite parts were sitting out on the balcony and exploring the vineyards. If you are looking for a place to stay in or around Napa, I highly recommend this resort. I would happily come back as there is so much to do on the property.

Disclaimer: Thank you to The Meritage Resort & Spa for having me. While receiving a complimentary stay/media rate all opinions and views are my own.

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  • Ms. A

    Very well detail!! Love the quality of the photo’s, great job! Food look so yummy and I’m sure the spa would of been super relaxing☺. Wish you could of found the fitness center??it’s always another time. Glad you did enjoy yourself and that bed looks comfy, same with the huge shower. Looks really relaxing after coming back, from being in all that humid weather. Great review??.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you so much! It was a really beautiful place and I enjoyed exploring it. The bed was very comfortable. I enjoyed laying in it after a long day of walking around in the heat!

  • Joanna

    Wow! The Meritage Resort looks spectacular. Very spacious, cozy and comfortable. Clearly a place to have a relaxing yet a fabulous time. Loved the review and all the pictures.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you so much. It is really a gem! I enjoyed and wish I had an extra day there.

  • Christopher adamson

    This place looks wonderful. I have never been to a vineyard and i really love to learn more about wine . The food looks delicious ; a great way to serve a burger and fries . I like that pool table as well

    • Holly Dayz

      It was. I really enjoyed my time there. The vineyard was cool to walk around. It was a pretty cool way to serve the food.

  • Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    I have not been to Napa in about 5 years but I am itching to get back! The Meritage Resort looks absolutely gorgeous and I especially love the scenery surrounding the resort.

    • Holly Dayz

      It was my first time there and it was so nice. It was an amazing place to stay, very relaxing.

  • loisaltermark

    What a beautiful resort in a beautiful area of the country! I’m a big spa person so I would love to visit and spend time getting treatments. The room looks so pretty and homey!

    • Holly Dayz

      It is really beautiful. If you get out that way then certainly try their spa out!

  • Fiona Maclean

    The Meritage resort looks like a great place to stay. I wonder where the Tuscan theme comes from? I’ve never been to Napa Valley and would love to do so – and I could, of course, compare with Tuscany!!!

    • Holly Dayz

      It was really a great place to stay. I hope you get to visit soon.

  • Karla

    This is such a lovely place to stay. I would love to stay here

    • Holly Dayz

      If you ever head out to Napa, I hope you do.

  • SherianneKay

    I love Napa and this property looks amazing! I especially love the idea of walking through the vineyards… and that spa of course!

    • Holly Dayz

      Walking through the vineyards was really nice although it was very hot outside.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve heard good things about Meritage. I love that they have an adults only pool. It’s just not relaxing when kids are screaming and splashing around. The restaurant with the bowling alley in it also looks really fun! I’ve only seen one other hotel ever that had a bowling alley right inside it.

    • Holly Dayz

      I thought that was really great that it was adults only. Especially since my room and others faced the pool. Serenity. Yes, I only know of one other hotel that has a bowling alley inside. I thought that was an awesome feature.

  • Peter Korchnak

    Very nice. I usually just drive through Napa, maybe make a stop at a winery here and there. Good to know about Meritage, looks like worth it’s worth staying in.

    • Holly Dayz

      I hope next time you stop rather than drive through and check it out. It is really nice and the Meritage is beautiful.

  • forever roaming the world

    Looks like an amazing place, I bet there was quite a few bottles of wine consumed on this trip 😀

  • Holly Dayz

    Actually, although my room came with the complimentary bottle of wine, I didn’t consume one drop of wine.

  • Cherri Megasko

    You had me at “complimentary bottle of wine”! LOL I really like the fact that they have two pools – one for adults only. I love children, but sometimes, depending on the situation – I would rather not have all the splashing and screaming in the pool area.

    • Holly Dayz

      Your kind of place then, complimentary bottle and adult only pool. Great place for some R&R!

  • DebbZie

    You did an awesome hotel review! Very detail to bits. The Estate Cave intrigued me and I’m curious to see how it looks like inside. Thanks for sharing the info! 🙂

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you so much! It seems like an amazing spa experience I will have to go back and try.

  • lostnotfoundfood

    I never think of staying in the Napa Valley as I live so close but you are making me think a proper staycation is in order. I love that they have Vineyard trails even if the weather has been a bit hot for that!

    • Holly Dayz

      My friend also stays near by and came out to check out the resort and really liked it. I think it is an amazing place for a staycation. It was blazing outside, I walked through the vineyards around 4:30-5pm. I still enjoyed it.

  • Jonna

    You had me at ‘adult only pool’ because that is a major key. Especially when you’re trying to relax on vacation; I want the kids to have their fun – just in their own pool LOL

    • Holly Dayz

      That is definitely a perk that they have. I loved it. Best of both worlds at The Meritage.

  • Cleverly Changing (@Cleverlychangin)

    So beautiful. The architecture and scenery really reminded me of Spain.

    • Holly Dayz

      It is beautiful.

  • mimicutelips

    This is all kinds of gorgeous. Napa is a place I would love to visit. I love great customer service.

    • Holly Dayz

      Everyone was very kind and the property is so pretty. I really didn’t want to leave.

  • Kita

    Sounds like the perfect getaway for me and my girlfriends. Adult only anything makes me say “Let’s have a girls trip” lol.

    • Holly Dayz

      You would defiantly have an amazing girls trip here.

  • Eva Wilson/SocaMom® (@SocaMomDC)

    Great photos!!! That taco got me. Now I’m hungry AND in need if a girl’s trip!

    • Holly Dayz

      The tacos were on point. Take the girls trip, you will have a great time.

  • Irvin

    You have given some really Amazing Post! Thanks for the share.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you.

  • bree

    Wow this place has everything! Heated pools (I’m personally here for a good adults only), and those gorg whirlpools. A spa. and of course the vineyard!? You had to have had a heavenly time.

    • Holly Dayz

      Yea it is a really great property with some amenities that make you not want to leave. I had a great time.

  • headalongwithheart

    I have a friend who has been trying to convince me to go to Napa, and I think I just might! I would love to stay somewhere with a vineyard on campus–looks like so much fun!

    • Holly Dayz

      You should go! It is beautiful. I really enjoyed walking through the vineyard, it was my first time doing so too.

  • nisha

    A comprehensive review. 🙂 I am pleasantly surprised to hear that the food was spicy. hmmmm makes me want to go there soon. 🙂 I think a bottle of wine from their produce is really a nice gesture.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you. It was great and I thought a very nice added touch. I am sure someone would take it, sit out on the balcony and just enjoy a good sunset!

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