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Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

If you know me then you know I love Mickey Mouse. If you didn’t know, now you do! How far is this love you ask? I once had someone visit me and use my bathroom, they said they felt like they went to Disneyland. Yup, it’s that serious.

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I have a ton of things with Mickey on it, clothes, socks, watches, mugs, and more! If Mickey is on it, I want it. So when I saw they were going to open a Mickey Mouse Exhibition in honor of his 90th birthday, I knew I had to go!

It all started with a mouse! ©2019 HollyDayz

The exhibition is 16,000 square foot pop-up art experience. Artists from around the world came together to showcase Mickey Mouse in contemporary and historic ways creating a journey through the exhibition. The mainstay of it all is to remind everyone that this all started with a mouse!

The tickets were $38 plus fees and tax. A bit on the pricey side. There is also a gift shop selling exclusive merchandise that you won’t find at the parks. The exhibition is open for another week till February 10th. So if you have a chance to check it out go for it. There are talks of potentially extending it. When I inquired if they would take it to another city, they said they weren’t too sure.

Neon Lights ©2019 HollyDayz

There were many different rooms. Of course I loved some more than others, but it was all very cool. Upon entering the Hello Mickey! area, Walt Disney’s Oscar is on display. There is also a ton of neon lighting Mickeys and Minnies. I was able to walk up onto what start it all and become apart of Steamboat Willie!

If I had to choose my favorites areas they would be It’s Black & White, Sorcerer’s Way, and The Mickey Mouse Club. Although all the areas were very cool. It’s Black & White allowed for pictures to be taken with Mickey and Minnie in an interactive way. Mickey’s footsteps could be found to stand on to get the best photo ops.

Entering Sorcerer’s Way had me extremely excited. Walking up to the entrance the archway was lined with wooden buckets, straight ahead the mops. If you ever loved Fantasia then this is for you! A huge Sorcerer’s Hat is suspended in one area. A silhouette of Mickey on another wall that allowed anyone taking a photo to also turn into a silhouette. There was so many fun things to see in that room.

Sorcerer’s Hat ©2019 HollyDayz

Talk about nostalgia, The Mickey Mouse Club brought it home for me. There is an ice cream stand serving a complimentary scoop of either Confetti Celebration or Triple Chocolate Surprise. Both were good, but the Confetti Celebration gets the vote! The signage, bar top area with seating, and juke box made it seem like you were on one of the sets. They were even playing an episode on one of the televisions.

Before leaving we joined in with others for Mickey’s Game Show Live Presented by Google Home. It was funny and I think kids would really enjoy this. As I said before there is also a gift shop, which of course you don’t need a ticket to enter. All the rooms were great and hats off to all the artists that participated in putting this together. If you are able to, go while you still can!

Mickey Google Game Show ©2019 HollyDayz
Beats by Mickey ©2019 HollyDayz

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  • Tanay Michele

    Ahhhh you made it! Wasn’t it everything?! I had a chance to check out an early preview and I LOVED it.

    • Holly Dayz

      It was everything! I loved it. We waited to go because everytime we would go by there the lines were insane!! There was barely anyone there when we went which was enjoyable lol. I love Mickey Mouse so this was the best.

  • Stacie

    Now, this is cool for Mickey fans. My cousin is a Mickey Mouse freak. She goes to Disney World several times a year and I’m sure she’s been to this as well.

  • Leslie H

    We are mildly Mickey fans here but this looks fun. I have always been amazed how a character so simply drawn became a world wide Iconic symbol. Love these pics !

  • Kendra

    This is so cool! Reminds me of a pop art museum display. I would definitely enjoy this!

  • Nadalie Bardo

    Oh the original Mouse! Is there any character or creator like Walt and Mickey? Looks like a fun exhibit!

  • Alistair Langfield

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Elle

    I love museums so this place would be an amazing experience for me and my children. There is so much to see at this exhibilition.

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