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Spotlight Travels: Brockton, MA with Noel Gourdin

Brockton, Massachusetts with Noel Gourdin

Soul and R&B singer Noel Gourdin (Gor-Deen) emerged on the music scene with his number one hit song “The River”, which stayed on the Urban AC charts at number one for 15 weeks! Noel’s childhood was not a traditional one; he was born in Brockton, MA., but spent his summers with family in Pachuta, Mississippi.

His current album,“City Heart, Southern Soul”  is a musical expression of his life. It is already producing hits like “FOXXXY”,  which is currently top 10 on UK’s urban radio soul charts and is in getting heavy rotation on UK radio. The single “Don’t You Wanna”, which was featured on VH1’s  “Love and Hip Hop – Atlanta” show,  is also becoming a fan favorite.

“I grew up on music that had meaning and it’s still around today; that music was made in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. What I want to be remembered for….. Timeless, Real and Soulful, music,” said Noel Gourdin.

The result is a man who is city to the heart but southern to the soul!


 Noel Gourdin: His hometown of Brockton…


Holly Dayz: What are your favorite things to do while in Brockton?

Noel: Well first and foremost it would have to be visiting and hanging out with my Family and Friends. Since moving down South to Alabama a few years ago, I really don’t get a lot of opportunities to get back home except for if I’m performing or attending an event. I try to catch up with the people who I grew up with and that had an impact on me and helped me become the Man I am today.

Holly Dayz: What are your favorite places to go in Brockton that bring out your creativity?

Noel: One place would be DW Fields Park, which is a huge park with biking and walking paths, and bodies of water. Whether your feeding the ducks or just sitting on one of the benches and watching the water, it’s always been such a serene and peaceful place to go to be creative. Other places would be the golf courses, DW Fields Park Course, or White Pines, or Ponkapoag. I know it may sound weird but I’m a very visual person and golf courses are beautifully manicured and it’s easy for me to be creative in such places. Haha….

D.W. Fields Park
D.W. Fields Park
Holly Dayz: What spots do you have to go to eat when you go back to Brockton?

 Noel: The first place that I have to go is Cape Cod Cafe for their pizza, it’s impossible to explain how good they are if you haven’t tasted one. Next would have to be Supreme House of Pizza for their steak & cheese subs, as well as D’Angelos for their subs. Frank’s and McMenamy’s Seafood for my favorite seafood plates, and Mee King’s for the best Chinese food in the City. I know I may seem like a glutton with all these must eat spots, but hey…

Holly Dayz: Three things you would recommend doing while in Brockton?

Noel: If you’re there in the summertime then I would most definitely recommend going to experience the Brockton Fair while it’s in Town. Another things that I would say is to eat at any one of the spots that I talked about in the answer just before this one, haha… The third would be to check out a game of the sport that’s in season, whether it be the Celtics, the Patriots or the Red Sox, for obvious reasons of course. Haha… But the electricity while being there live is incredible and unforgettable.

Brockton Fair
Brockton Fair

Holly DayzDo any of your songs reference Brockton and have you ever shot a video there?

Noel: I always have Brockton in my mind while I’m writing songs, like the reference of riding up to the lake in my song “Foxxxy” off my latest album “City Heart, Southern Soul” is actually about parking near the bodies of water at DW Fields Park in Brockton. I have never shot a video there and that’s just because I’ve never really had the opportunity to do so, wherever the videographer has been is where I’ve shot my videos due to budgeting.

Holly Dayz: What are some family friendly places to go in Brockton?

Noel: There’s a lot of places to go, but I’d say you should take the short ride to Cape Cod, to really experience an unforgettable time and all that New England has to offer. Fun Parks, beaches, board walks with arcades, and shops with souvenirs etc..  If at all possible take a ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard as well, but try to spend at least a week there.

Martha’s Vineyard Photo courtesy of:

Holly Dayz: How is your hometown different from where you live now and does it affect your writing?

Noel: Brockton is a little faster in terms of pace and how folks are always in a hurry and here in Alabama, things are a lot more spread out and folks are a lot more laid back. It’s quieter where I live now, and I prefer quieter. Doing what I do for a living, I’m frequently in places that are so loud and lively and I like getting back home to peace and quiet, and peace of mind. So if it’s had an effect on my writing, I’d say it’s been a great effect, and I’ve welcomed it.

Holly Dayz: Besides Brockton, what has been your favorite place to visit and why?

Noel: I absolutely love and feel blessed to go and perform where ever people request and want me to perform, but my favorite places would have to be Atlanta, Georgia, and Mississippi. Simply because when I go to those places to perform, I know I’m gonna get a chance to see my family that I haven’t seen in a little while. It’s always good and worthwhile to hang out with the Fam!

Holly Dayz:  Any hometown performances in the near future?

Noel: I do have a few things in the works, and I’m so hoping that they pan out because it’s always a special place for me to perform and show out! My People are my People and it’s all about LOVE!

Holly Dayz: What is your favorite hometown venue to perform at, or a place you would love to perform at?

Noel: There are well-respected, “hole in the wall joints”,  in Brockton named “Pete & Mary’s” and “GiGi’s” and they were always a couple of my favorite places to perform! Everybody went there, I mean generations and they were the types of places where everyone knew everyone. So when I would perform there and get props, it was like getting recognition from Family.

Holly Dayz: In your opinion, when would be the best time to visit Brockton?

Noel: I would say the best time to visit would be the summertime. There’s just so many things to do, and if you do go, tell them Noel Gourdin sent you and you just might get a discount! I’m not promising anything, but you just might! Haha…

Learn more about Noel Gourdin at and follow him on twitter @noelgourdin

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  • Khloé Gee

    There’s one thing that I love and that’s traveling but haven’t been able to do much o fit lately. This place looks fantastic. I need to plan on visiting here since I already have friends and family in Boston.

    thanks for sharing,
    Khloe G.

    • Holly Dayz

      Well when you get the chance check out Brockton and let me know how you enjoyed it!

  • Kim Bolden

    My hope is to spend a summer in Cape Cod soon. I love the interview format. Makes me want to visit Brockton.

    • Holly Dayz

      Thank you. You def should I am sure you will love it.

  • Tiffani G. from MyMommyVents

    Brockton looks so tranquil. I can see how Noel would be inspired to sing such beautiful music! “The River” kind of carries that same breezy, relaxing vibe.

    • Holly Dayz

      He has a great voice and music. I can see the inspiration too!

  • Adanna

    Brockton looks like a cool New England town. Maybe one of these summers I can take a road trip there. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  • Christine K. St.Vil (@MomsNCharge)

    I will definitely have to check out his album, great interview! I’ve never been to Brockton but then next time I’m in that area, I will definitely have to look into stopping by. And goodness, my mouth was watering with all those spots to eat LOL

  • Apryl

    Brockton looks like a fun, homey place! I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much on the East Coast but it looks like a great place to visit! I moved to Mississippi from California when I was in high school so I can relate to Noel’s album title “City Heart, Southern Soul” as it describes me perfectly! Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to hearing his album!

  • Tami

    There were so many places in Massachusetts we couldn’t get to when we visited. Brockton sounds great…and Cape Cod too!

  • Laura

    Fun interview! The descriptions of the food – that pizza! – make me want to go there right now. I’ll have to check out some more of Noel’s music.

  • Michelle | Diagnosis:Wanderlust

    Great interview and wonderful highlights of Brockton! I have never been, but sounds like a great place to visit!

  • Emma Brisdion

    It looks like I’ll have to add Brockton to the tour next time I visit MA!

  • Laura @ Sometime Traveller

    Great interview! Nice to get some insider tips from a local.

  • Lucy

    I will definitely love to have a ride on Brockton Fair.. I love panoramic wheels!
    And also to taste that pizza!! I’m pretentious when it comes to pizza :))

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