App of the Month: Hotel Tonight

Sometimes planning in advance isn’t an option. You may want to make a spontaneous trip to travel, have a staycation, or just need a last minute place to stay. Many times these last minute choices result in paying much more for a hotel room then you would have liked. The app, Hotel Tonight helps solve this problem.

Hotel Tonight is a free app that can be found in the App Store and the Google Play Store. They don’t have every hotel or as many as other websites, but they do have a great amount. They are constantly growing. I haven’t actually had the opportunity to book a hotel on the app yet, but I have had the app for awhile.

They have been able to slash prices on some great hotels so that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for your last minute hotel. They even allow you to pick dates if you are making plans 7 days out. You can book stays for up to 5 nights. This all done in the palm of your hand. Hotel Tonight also sends emails with coupons and codes.

app of the month hotel tonight

When clicking on a hotel, the app has pictures of the hotel you are checking out. There is also an address and map to give you an idea of where exactly the hotel is. I like the way they even put some personality into descriptions of hotels. There are lists of amenities for the overall hotel, the room, and the food the hotel may offer.

Hotel Tonight puts hotels into 7 color coded categories. Luxe, Hip, Solid, Basic, Charming, Crashpad, and High Roller. Luxe is an upscale hotel with amazing service and comfort. Hip refers to a popular and stylish hotel that is popular amongst locals as well. Hotels with the Solid rating let you know your hotel is comfortable and reliable. Basic is a room that is good for a place to lay you head and no extra added amenities.

Charming rated hotels are more of a bed and breakfast or a guest house where you will have a more intimate and quaint room. CrashPads are the budget friendly hostel with not too many amenities. Lastly the HighRoller category is the creme de la creme place of your wildest dreams.
Once you have actually booked a room, there is a booking area of the app that allows you to see your check in time, a map of the area, and more. This app is now compatible with the Apple Watch. Hotel Tonight is global, so there are many places you can book a hotel.

app of the month hotel tonight

Another interesting thing to note with Hotel Tonight is that hotels compete to be on the app. The ones that meet their standards and give the best values are shown on the app. It is a pretty cool app and one that should be taken into consideration the next time you are looking for that last minute hotel.

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Have you every used Hotel Tonight? How was your experience?

Disclaimer: This is an app that I have had on my phone and I have reviewed it on my own. All opinions have not been influenced. The above link not only grants you $25 off your first booking, but allows me a $25 credit towards a booking.