Spotlight Travels: New York City with Anthony Rue II

Anthony Rue II is the founder and leader of one of the most commercially successful dance groups, The Amount Boyz. Anthony Rue II was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and transcended the boundaries of the inner city and its woes, beginning his dance training starting at the early age of 10, at the National Dance Institute. After training at the institute through out his elementary years Anthony then moved on to attend New York City’s acclaimed “Fame” school Fiorella La Gaurdia High School of the Performing Arts. While training and excelling in classically trained dance, the exposure to funk and soul classics by his mother and the rise of Hip-Hop music and the dance that followed the movement still had a profound influence on him, and was ultimately where his passion for the art form lay.

spotlight travel ant boogie nyc
Anthony Rue II aka Ant Boogie

After founding the Amount Boyz with best friend Adrian Wiltshire and a group of other close friends, it was not long before he was combining the technique and precision he had gained in his years of classical study, with the new emerging style of Hip-Hop dance taking hold of youth throughout the inner city.

A combination of his natural ability, learned skill, and determination gained Anthony Rue II and the rest of the Amount Boyz recognition from the dance world and commercial industry as a whole. some of his credits include working with Madonna, Jay-Z , P.Diddy, Omarion, Alicia Keys, Mario, 3LW , and Ryan Leslie. He has also worked on the movies Honey, Dream Girls, Walk Hard, and Notorious B.I.G.

Anthony Rue II has been teaching at Broadway Dance Center since 2000. In 2012 he launched Urban Dance League at BDC. The Urban Dance League (U.D.L) is a professional sports league of organized street-dance competitions, classes, and showcases. The U.D.L presents professional dancing in the same arena as the professional sports and athletic world. Anthony Rue II believes “Dancers are Athletes.”

HollyDayz: How has growing up in Brooklyn inspired your dancing?
Anthony: Growing up in Brooklyn gave me access to see a lot of the raw street dancing at an early age. I was into MJ and music videos as well but to be able to see dancers at battles and jams and on the street it was great. I also started dancing in school by age 10 so it was awesome.

HollyDayz: Do you think that the hip-hop style of dance is more acceptable now?
Anthony: I think for sure it is. Over the last 10 years I have seen it get bigger and bigger from movies to commercials to tv shows, You name it and hip hop dance is being affiliated with it to sell products or entertain viewers.

spotlight travel ant boogie nyc

HollyDayz: What do you think about the “new style” of (hip-hop) dancers like Les Twins?
Anthony: Well I would like to say that their style isn’t new, but they are very talented dancers with great marketing advantages being brothers and twins.
HollyDayz: What is your opinion on Misty Copeland being made a principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre and the effect on the world of classical dance?

Anthony: I hope it inspires other young women of color to train hard and seek out their best lane to become the best they can be as dancers as for the world of classical dance. I’m not sure it is a big deal to them. We know how things go.

HollyDayz: Do you think that your training in New York differs from overseas dancers training? If so, how?
Anthony: I think the training is different due to style of dance in the city. Also depending where you are some cities do not support focus on dance, so the community is hard to seek or grow with. Luckily I’m from the Mecca, the place it was born so we have a lot of options.

HollyDayz: What have been some of your favorite venues to perform at in the NYC area?
Anthony: My favorite venue to perform in would have to be Madison Square Garden!!!! That’s PRIME TIME =)
spotlight travel ant boogie nyc
Anthony dancing with Madonna on tour
 HollyDayz: I know you have performed all over. How is the dance scene in New York different then other places?
Anthony: I think the major difference with NYC and other places is we are a major city that allows us to have more options on where we want to dance and with who. Also a lot of people come to NYC to do events so we get to taste different styles.
HollyDayz: After teaching a great class at Broadway Dance Center, what is your go to spot to grab some food?
Anthony:  LMAO people know I stay at the chicken bar down the block from Broadway Dance Center.
spotlight travel ant boogie nyc
Ant Boogie Dancing
HollyDayz: What are some places in NYC people should check out that they may not know about?
Anthony: I think when they get to NYC the best thing to do is search their friends events on FaceBook, their are tons of events happening and some are underground so its good to get a peek at some parties.
HollyDayz:In your opinion, when is the best time to visit NYC?


Anthony: Best time to visit NYC, I would say the fall, around September or October. Everyone just left for the summer and it’s not as packed.
spotlight travel ant boogie nyc
Anthony and UDL on BET’s 106 & Park
HollyDayz: Do you have any performances coming up? 
Anthony: Yes, I’m working on the showcase (Urban Dance League Finals) at the HighLine Ballroom Dec 13th, 2015.
spotlight travel ant boogie nyc
UDL Results
HollyDayz: What is next for the Urban Dance League?
Anthony:UDL is working on our own space. We have some new battles coming next year and we also launched our youth league over the summer so we are making some moves to expand to more public schools!
For more information on Anthony visit AntBoogieWorld. Follow him on Twitter. Learn more about the Urban Dance League. Check Anthony out in action.

**All photos by Anthony Rue II**