5 Things To Know When Renting A Car

Many times when you travel renting a car is a great option. Having worked for a rental car company and renting numerous cars I have some tips for the next time you rent a car. So here are 5 things to keep in mind when renting a car.

1. Check for dents and scratches everywhere.

When renting a car they have you take a look around the car and mark off any dents and scratches you see. Many people only check the grill, bumper, and sides of the car. Remember to also check the roof of the car, the hood, as well as the trunk. It is also important to look and make sure there is a spare in the trunk. You can also take pictures of the scratches and dents you see just in case. It will have the time stamp on it so if the rental company says you did the damage you have proof.

2. Fill the gas tank up yourself.

Unless you really don’t want to stop and pump gas before returning the car you should just fill the tank up yourself. If you decide to let the rental company fill up the tank then make sure you use up all of the gas. Or at least as much gas as you can. The rental company is going to charge for a full tank if you used a full tank or not.

3. Check to see if your credit card covers insurance on the car.

Typically your credit card company will cover insurance on a rental car. Before taking that chance you should find out more information and call your credit card company. Otherwise out of all the insurances they offer, coverage on the car is the most important.

4. Bring the car back the way you got it.

I remember someone rented a car and brought it back to the rental company with rims and tints. Yes, they got charged for that. Crazy, I know, but true story!

5. Check how much the holds are.

Different rental car companies require different holds on your credit card. Just because you see a rental for a cheaper price than another rental company, you may end up having a higher priced hold. I rented a car to drive to Las Vegas once and one particular car company required a $400 hold. Luckily I had a reservation somewhere else that only required a $200 hold.
If you have any tips or tricks when it comes to renting cars leave them below in the comments section!