Georgia Sea Grill on St. Simons Island

After having a full day of running around the very beautiful St. Simons Island and relaxing at The King and Prince I had worked up an appetite and was ready to eat. I was very happy to head out to one of St. Simons notable places to go for dinner, Georgia Sea Grill. I can say I was not disappointed!

Georgia Sea Grill was first able to seat 34 people upon its opening in 1997. Now they have obtained a big reputation and seat 150 guests for dinner. There are ample places to sit that all provide their own atmosphere. There is also a wine and a regular bar. We sat in a more inclusive room off the main dining room.

The staff was so nice, true southern hospitality at its finest. If you don’t know, I rarely drink, but I decided to order a speciality drink upon a recommendation. I ended up ordering Jenny’s Pomegranate Cosmopolitan. Needless to say that drink wasn’t for me, but the waiter was so attentive he noticed I wasn’t drinking it and quickly replaced it with a refreshing non alcoholic beverage.

After looking over the menu several times it became apparent that choosing an entrée was going to be difficult. There were so many delicious sounding things to choose from. We started off with appetizers. I chose the crab stuffed hush puppies. I was also able to try the fried calamari and crab rice. All were absolutely delicious. I really think I should have ordered the crab rice as well. The bread was extremely good too! I was already getting full. Don’t worry, my new friends and I were sharing!

After narrowing down my entrée picks to three choices, I decided to ask the waiter what he recommended. So with his recommendation I order the short braised ribs, smashed fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and shiitake mushrooms. While I waited for my entrée a half potion mixed green salad came. It had oranges, toasted hazelnuts, and citrus vinaigrette.

The salad was really good. The waiter informed me that the short braised ribs haven’t been on the menu long. I hope they are going to stay on it because it was absolutely delicious. Very flavorful and tender. I was able to cut it with a butter knife. I was also able to taste some Cajun salmon which was also good and had a spicy kick. I was getting really full at this point and was making an attempt to save room for dessert. The room didn’t exist for anyone, but guess what? We made it work!

georgia sea grill st simons island, ga ©hollydayz
Warm Chocolate Cake ©2016 HollyDayz

The dessert menu also have some great choices. I was a little cold so I opted for the warm chocolate cake with chocolate crumble and ganache. I completely made room for it, because I promise you I ate the entire thing! It was moist and heavenly. It was a great size portion for such a full person like myself.

georgia sea grill st simons island, ga ©hollydayz
Bourbon-Brown Sugar Cheesecake ©2016 HollyDayz

And I also made a tad more room to try some bourbon-brown sugar cheesecake with salted caramel sauce. It was really flavorful. A couple of bites was all I could muster because I was so full. I was ready to just be rolled out of there from all the great food.

The Georgia Sea Grill is such a nice restaurant with a great atmosphere. The chef and wait staff were some of the nicest attentive people! The food was so enjoyable that I ate myself into a food coma. The prices are very reasonable and they even have a gluten-free menu. I can’t wait to get back to St. Simons Island to have another dinner there.

Have you ever eaten at Georgia Sea Grill?

georgia sea grill st simons island, ga ©hollydayz

Disclaimer: Thank you to the Georgia Sea Grill for having me. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced.