Delicious Food at U Medvidku in Prague, Czech Republic

While visiting Prague I went to the front desk of the hotel we were staying at and asked the lady where we could find a great place to eat. She recommend U Medvidku. Another guest who was staying there over heard and was excited and raved about how great the place was and how she was headed there now. So of course we too had to go!

Now here is the thing about this place. I saw about 3 different names for it. It was actually pretty confusing at first. The front of the door says the Pivni Bar, the menu had Jidelni Listek written on it, but then I also noticed it was attached to a hotel, U Medvidku. I figured it out and luckily it was a 2 minute walk from the hotel, so it wasn’t too hard to spot.

U-Medvidku-in-Prague-Czech-Republic ©hollydayz
Kettle inside the restaurant ©2016 HollyDayz

It was a very nice place and despite hearing so many horror stories about customer service in restaurants, by those who live in Prague and experiencing it as well, I was very surprised with how quick and nice the staff was. We were quickly seated. If you weren’t aware Prague is known for their beer, they have hundreds. So it was pretty cool that they sat us inside of an actual beer kettle, which is made of copper.

I am not much of a drinker at all, but I wanted to try the beer so I ordered Oldgott 13 Barigue. Beer in Prague is extremely cheap everywhere. This particular one was only about $1.22. It was pretty good and I actually enjoyed drinking it. When it came time to order food, we got duck and potato slices. I believe that is the best duck I have ever had. The sauce they used was beyond delicious. I wish I had some of it right now!

They also gave us some bread to go with the meal. I really wanted to come back and have some dessert and eat here again, but I didn’t get the opportunity. I would certainly go back in a heartbeat if I get back to Prague. The restaurant has more seating areas besides the beer kettle as well. The prices are also really good!

Have you ever eaten at U Medvidku in Prague, Czech Republic?

U-Medvidku-in-Prague-Czech-Republic ©hollydayz