A Christmas Story House in Cleveland, Ohio

It is Christmas time and that means the infamous A Christmas Story movie will be on television. Every year there is also a 24 hour marathon of the movie on Christmas Eve and Day. If you have never seen this movie, all I can say is where have you been? It just so happens that a good portion of the movie was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio and you can take a tour of the actual house. So of course I had to check it out!

A Christmas Story is a movie that is thought to be set in the 1940s. It is about a little boy named Ralphie who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. His mother, teacher, and even a department store Santa Claus who all tell him that he will shoot his eye out. Of course so many things take course over the movie, that is notable, but you will have to watch it if you haven’t already!

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I immediately knew that while visiting Cleveland I had to visit Ralphie’s house. The house is set in the residential neighborhood of Tremont. It can’t be missed as the infamous leg lamp sits in the front window for all to see. The house was purchased and restored to look just as it did in the movie. Across the street from the house is A Christmas Story Museum that houses hundreds of behind the scenes photos, original props, costumes, and more! There is also a gift shop where you can purchase many things including your own leg lamp.

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The infamous leg lamp ©2017 HollyDayz

Tickets can be purchased inside the gift shop and then its time to head across the street for your self guided tour through the house. However there are people inside who can answer questions. The house is interactive, they allow you to touch and pick up what you want, which I thought was pretty cool. I immediately went over to the leg lamp in the window to check that out.

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Turkey in the oven ©2017 HollyDayz

If you really take the time to look around it is obvious they put a lot of thought into recreating how the house looked in the movie. Great attention to detail was taken. I even noticed all the cords near the lamp all tangled up just like in the movie. Continuing to walk around I saw the turkey in the oven that the dogs ended up destroying. It was also pretty cool to see so many old school things like the washing machine, the stove and oven, milk bottles, and more.

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Kitchen ©2017 HollyDayz

Not too long after it was time to head upstairs to see more of the house. On the landing I noticed the old school phone on the wall that Ralphie’s mother used. Walking down the hallway was Ralphie and his little brother’s bedroom. It was pretty cool to see it all and walk around in it looking at all the old Red Ryder books, posted, and even old letter blocks.

Next up was the bathroom, which automatically made me think of the scene where Ralphie’s mother washed his mouth out with soap. Low and behold the soap was sitting on the sink! Another room housed an iron board, old iron, and so much more. It was very cool to see it all. It was also very small.

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Bathroom Sink ©2017 HollyDayz

Unless you are looking at every single little detail and taking a ton of pictures, it should take no more than 10 – 15 minutes to look around the house. Heading across the street to the museum was pretty cool too. Many of the original props were there including the original leg lamp, 1 of 6 Red Ryder bb guns used in the movie, and so much more. It was pretty cool to see so many of the original props and costumes. It brings you back to so many different scenes in the movie.

Of course head on over to the gift shop when you are done. I got a magnet, but there is so much you can get in there. Even some Ovaltine! Between the gift shop and museum I spotted an Oldsmobile and fire truck from the movie. Although I remember reading somewhere that the original fire truck from the movie is actually in Canada. Either way very cool to see these old vehicles that are memorable moments from A Christmas Story.

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Oldsmobile ©2017 HollyDayz

While in the house the Red Ryder BB gun was hanging out over by the Christmas tree. A gentleman was extremely happy to find it! He also informed me that he was upset he didn’t wear his pink bunny suit to the house to take photos with. Turns out the following day there was going to be A Christmas Story 5th annual 5k/10k run. It was to start downtown and end at the house. It sounded pretty cool and I heard there were tons of people running in A Christmas Story costumes!

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Infamous Pink Bunny Costume Pattern ©2017 HollyDayz

On December 17th, 2017 FOX is doing A Christmas Story Live! If you happen to be in Cleveland they are going to have a watch party. The street will be shut down and they will begin showing the movie followed by the live version airing on FOX. There will be food, a contest, and more.  It sounds like a lot of fun!

The other cool thing I found out is you can actually stay the night in the house! There is a 3rd floor loft space that is really nice and has a fully equipped and working kitchen and bathroom. It can sleep 6 people with a queen bed, a queen sleeper sofa, and the opportunity to sleep in Ralphie and his brother Randy’s twin beds. A free tour is included in the price of the stay for all guests. Sleeping there can happen year round including on Christmas Eve and Day.

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Christmas Tree in the living room ©2017 HollyDayz

It was a real treat to see the infamous A Christmas Story House. I will of course be watching the movie this holiday season. I of course will be looking at it a bit differently now. I am now excited for it to come on. If you are in Cleveland I highly recommend you pop on over. General admission is $11 and there are discounts for seniors, children, and military.
Have you ever seen A Christmas Story movie or been to the house?

Disclaimer: Thank You to Destination Cleveland and A Christmas Story House & Museum for having me. Whilst receiving an invitation all opinions and views are my own and have not been influenced. 

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