Taking Lolly the Trolley Tour in Cleveland, Ohio

While visiting a city it is always important that I take some type of tour. I like to see what a city has to offer and some of the history. Knowing what I am looking at and getting some fun facts is also important to me as well. So when I heard about Lolly the Trolley I immediately wanted to go on the tour.

Lolly the Trolley has different tours, but we took the city sightseeing tour. They have an hour and 2 1/2 hour one which is what we opted for. What was great was that the tour meet up location was very close to the Aloft Hotel we were staying at. The 2 1/2 tour is composed of many areas including The Flats, Downtown, Playhouse Square, Millionaire’s Row, Ohio City, the historic Cleveland Cultural Gardens, and much more.

lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz
Playhouse Square ©2018 HollyDayz

One of the great things about this tour is that it starts in the afternoon. No reason to wake up at the crack of dawn. You have ample time to sleep in, get something to eat, and do a plethora of other things. I also loved that there were locals on the tour. They said they loved it and every time someone comes into town to visit they bring them on the tour.

lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz
Front of the trolley ©2018 HollyDayz

Of course we rode around in a red trolley named Lolly. Our driver was Eva, she was pretty awesome. She really knows how to drive and whip that trolley safely around the ever-changing streets of Cleveland. Eva is also very knowledgeable and a lot of fun.  The trolley was pretty comfortable, my only recommendation would be to sit on the right side. This is especially important if you plan to take pictures as many of the things Eva pointed out were on the right, I however was on the left.

lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz
Inside Lolly the Trolley ©2018 HollyDayz
lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz
Made by the same person who made Cloud Gate aka The Bean in Chicago ©2018 HollyDayz

This tour is all ride with an exception to one stop for a bathroom break or to just get out and stretch your legs. It is a great way to get the of “The Land” if you want to go back and do some more exploring at certain places, which I definitely recommend. Many things stuck out on this tour. I won’t give them all away because of course you have to take the tour!

lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz
Children’s Museum ©2018 HollyDayz

Some of my favorites that stuck out were the world’s largest outdoor chandelier. Next time I am there I want to see this again. One of the houses on Millionaire’s Row that is still in existence was turned into a Children’s Museum. I would love to take a peek inside of there. Some of the houses on Millionaire’s Row were taken down because when the millionaires died  they didn’t want someone else with less stature living in their house was comical.

lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz
Prince Mural ©2018 HollyDayz

The mural of Prince and some other murals also stood out as well. If you are a Lebron fan then seeing the huge Lebron photo on the outside of the stadium is a must. I also saw a statue of Jesse Owens. There was also the skinniest building nestled in between some larger ones. I can only imagine what the inside of it looks like.

Overall this is a great tour with plenty to see and learn. Cleveland has plenty of history and a lot to offer. I would highly recommend taking Lolly the Trolley to at the very least get a feel for the city and where everything is. I know I will definitely go back to see many of the things that Eva pointed out.

Have you ever taken Lolly the Trolley?

Disclaimer: Thank you to  Destination Cleveland and Lolly the Trolley for having us. While receiving an invitation  all opinions and views are my own.

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lolly the trolley cleveland ohion © hollydayz