App of the Month: LoungeBuddy

While traveling you can spend a good amount of time in an airport. Between arriving early, flight delays, and layovers everyone wants some level of comfort. Lounges come in handy for this and many of them have amazing amenities. To find a lounge/club and give your trip an upgrade, the app LoungeBuddy helps you find one to best suit your needs.

LoungeBuddy not only helps to locate where in the airport the lounges are, but also the amenities they offer. If you weren’t aware, you can purchase day passes to lounges. This app makes it great to know what the lounge amenities are before you make that purchase. There are so many lounges in so many different airports across the world, LoungeBuddy helps with the vetting process.

app of the month loungebuddy
Some of the many airport lounges that can be purchased

The app has many features. Some of them include purchasing access to many lounges worldwide directly from the app. This can also be done with Apple Pay. You are also able to import or create your trip. Once that is done and the app finds out your elite statuses, memberships, and more it will inform you if you have free access to a lounge or a fee for the day.

app of the month loungebuddy
Some of the many amenities to choose from

It also lets you filter lounges by amenities. You can filter by looking for a full meal, a place to take a shower, a place for the kids, drinks, a spa, wi-fi, and so much more. This is important to help suit your needs while traveling. There is also a sample trip on the app to really give a feel of how it works and can help.

The app shows the hours of operation for each lounge, photos, and even reviews from travelers. It also informs you exactly where it is. Many people seem to get mixed information about where a lounge (club) is, this app will help you locate them much easier. For those who have an Apple Watch, you can also access information from there.

app of the month loungebuddy
How it looks on the Apple Watch

If you are always in a lounge, use them once in awhile, or interested in trying one this is a great app to have!

Do you have LoungeBuddy? Have you ever been in a club or lounge for an airline?