Spending a Weekend in the DMV

Just in case you weren’t aware the DMV stands for D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. Many people are now commonly referring to it as the DMV. So no, I didn’t spend an entire weekend at the Department of Motor Vehicles haha.

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
Me in Silver Spring ©2014 Holly Dayz

I actually used to live in Silver Spring, Maryland for a few years when I was younger. I have pretty much been to every monument and museum. Silver Spring is extremely close to D.C. so if you are looking for cheaper accommodations this is a great option.

Silver Spring has certainly come along way from when I used to live there. They have built it up tremendously. There are a lot of big companies in the heart of it such as the Discovery Channel offices. Although the City Place mall looks deserted when you step inside, the outside area is great! It was fun to walk around and not only reminisce, but see all the new things around.

I picked the Hampton Inn in Silver Spring to stay at. Valet parking is $15 or you can park in a lot which I was told was around the corner. Also if you decide to Valet, keep in mind to call at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time if you want your car. The hotel staff was very nice and lobby looked inviting. They also served free breakfast in the mornings with a variety of food. It was really good and you were able to make your own waffles!

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
Hampton Inn Comfy Bed ©2014 HollyDayz
Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
Hampton Inn Room ©2014 Holly Dayz

The room was very nice, it had a couch and a really nice comfortable bed. There were however, a few times were I could hear other people flushing the toilet. They could afford to sound proof the rooms a bit better. Hearing people in the hallway while you’re trying to sleep wasn’t that great either. A really nice pool that I enjoyed and a fitness room was located in the hotel. The best part of the hotel was being able to walk and have a ton of options of restaurants. It it also about a 10 minute walk to the Metro. I would certainly stay here again and recommend the hotel.

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
Hampton Inn Pool ©2014 Holly Dayz

Speaking of the Metro, every person I encountered that worked there were extremely rude. This was not great because I had questions and they really didn’t want to answer them. A few tips about their Metro:

1. Everyone needs their own separate Metro Card.
2. The amount you spend on your ride, depends on how far you go. You need money on your card to get out of the station.
3. The trains run so slow and sometimes stop for long periods of time, so plan accordingly if you are on a time schedule.

Other than that the Metro is the way to go. Taking a cab, especially into D.C. is going to cost you a pretty penny. Mainly due to the traffic.

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
A view from the Potomac ©2014 HollyDayz

Although we missed the boat we were originally supposed to get on due to traffic, a very nice gentleman allowed us on another boat where we were able to ride up and down the Potomac River. It was a party boat, pretty much a club on water. I had a lot of fun enjoying the sights and people watching.

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial ©2014 HollyDayz
Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
National Mall facing the Washington Monument ©2014 HollyDayz

The day we decided to go sightseeing happened to be the day it wanted to on and off pour rain. Despite the rain it was an amazing day. It was fun seeing the Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and The World War II Memorial. The rain hindered a few other sightseeing and food options, but was still a ton of fun.

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
World War 2 Memorial ©2014 HollyDayz

While walking we stopped a couple of people to ask where they thought was a good place to eat. They told us they just came from a restaurant, Elephant and Castle Pub and Restaurant. If you are into London delicacies like fish and chips this is the place to go. They also have American food. The food was good and the atmosphere was nice.

Spending the weekend in the DMV © HollyDayz
Elephant & Castle ©2014 HollyDayz

We also headed over to Rockville, MD were they are building up as well and it is really nice. Restaurants and a movie theater it felt very quaint. It was also fun heading over to the National Harbor outlet mall. It was a beautiful drive and a lot of great stores for me to do a little shopping. I also noticed they are getting ready to build an MGM Casino there.

All in all it was an amazing and fun weekend.