The First Black Woman to Visit Every Country & Continent


On this episode my guest is Woni Spotts. If you haven’t heard of her, she is said to be the first black woman to visit every country in the world. This of course this doesn’t come without controversy as another, Jessica Nabongo is going after this goal and says that she will be the first documented black woman to visit every country. Why the controversy you ask? Woni hasn’t been on social media or anywhere online until recently. Her travels began when many present day countries didn’t exist.

In this day and age everyone is posting what they do and where they go on social media. Woni felt no one would care where she has traveled to until recently. When she first started travelling, social media wasn’t even a thing. However, because of this, many are skeptical she is the real deal – even though she says she has certificates from travel clubs verifying this accomplishment.

With that Woni gives some insight to how she knows she truly is the first, the hate she has received from some of Jessica’s supporters, and how she will see this through the end. Woni also gives insight into when she traveled while in high school for 4 years doing a documentary, how she feels about airline travel then v now, what she can’t leave home without, and a lot more.

Woni Spotts

Woni Spotts was born in Los Angeles to Roger and Betty Spotts in 1964. She attended school on the east coast where she has family in the Mid Atlantic area and New York. Beginning in high school Woni was the host of a documentary which allowed her to travel extensively. After the documentary ended, she developed an eCommerce company which helped fund her solo travel.

Despite being an accomplished musician, songwriter, pianist, and animator. Woni decided not to follow in her family’s entertainment footsteps instead she decided to explore the world. Woni’s father supplemented her education with a global perspective which often clashed with the accepted narrative in traditional schools. Woni refused to sit in a classroom regurgitating spoon-fed “facts”, instead she went into the world to discover the truth.

Spotts has studied creation stories, religious beliefs, and rites of passage ceremonies from people worldwide. A fierce defender of animals and the earth we all share, led her to become a life long vegan. She continues to research and write about the many places she has visited and is deeply passionate and committed to elevating Africa, by revealing African roots hidden all over the world.


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Passing Through Documentary

First African American To Visit Every Country In The World by The Minority Nomad

Jessica Nabongo

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