App of the Month: SkyScanner

One of the biggest expenses when traveling is purchasing a plane ticket. There are so many different websites that show airfares that constantly checking them for that perfect fare can become daunting. Of course there is an app to help aid the task of finding a great flight deal, SkyScanner! Hopefully this will help to check off that long list of places to visit.

SkyScanner is a free app. The best way to get great deals on flights is to be flexible. Being flexible not just with dates, but destinations will help with getting great deals. The app allows you to put in your airport and choose Everywhere. Choosing this will show a bunch of different options and the lowest priced fares they have found.

app of the month:skyscanner © hollydayz

SkyScanner then gives you more options. If there are certain dates that are preferable then put them in. If there is a particular month that holds interest then the app will allow you to choose the month. There is also an overview to see the best fares for the year. A price watch is available if there are specific trip details.

When attempting to choose the best flight, the app will not only inform of the price, but what airline, how many stops, flying time, which is the shortest trip time, and where to purchase this great deal. It can also sort flights using the above if arriving quickly is a goal, have a preference of what time to fly out, etc. There is also away to see a quick comparison on prices for flights and how to get the best bang for your buck.

SkyScanner is a great app to use. It is something that should be used to help look for a great fare for your next flight. It is very simple to use and will help spend your money more at the destination rather than solely on trying to get there. This is why the app of the month is SkyScanner!

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Have you ever used SkyScanner? What is the best deal you have gotten by using it?