Sugar Freak in Astoria, New York

I had been trying to go to Sugar Freak for quite some time. The first time I tried to go it was closed. I believe they were doing renovations and I was disappointed, but they opened back up when I tried again some time had passed. The Creole/Southern Styled food at Sugar Freak made up for it in every way possible!

Sugar-Freak in astoria, ny ©hollydayz
Decor and Bar Area ©2015 HollyDayz

Sugar Freak is located in Astoria, in Queens, New York. Not far from Manhattan! The first time I went it was packed and we were able to grab the last table. Sugar Freak has a unique atmosphere. The waiters are very cool and laid back. There is a bar, chandeliers, place mats with all the presidents, and more. I also loved the mason jar glasses.

The menu had so much goodness to choose from that I had to ask the waiter what he recommended. It was hard to decide as I kept going back and fourth. He also told us the specials, which we also decided to indulge in. I order blackened catfish and sweet potato fries, which came with a salad. While I waited I tried a spiked root beer float. The funny thing about this is, I don’t care for root beer and I don’t really drink. Yet, I liked it. It was tasty.

Sugar-Freak in astoria, ny ©hollydayz
Spiked Root Beer Float ©2015 HollyDayz

My food came and it was really good. I was able to try some ribs (it was a special) and cornbread wrapped in bacon. The ribs were great. The cornbread with bacon was interesting. It was served in a pan with some foil. I was pretty full once I finished.

The food was so good I of course had to go back. I tried the fried chicken and waffle. This dish can apparently be made in several ways including frying the waffle. I also ordered the mac and cheese which tasted great, but it was hard to finish it all, I was full! I also tried some jambalaya. I was nervous because I thought it would be too spicy, but it wasn’t. Very delicious!

The service at Sugar Freak is really good. The waiters are extremely helpful. Especially when I couldn’t decide what to order. They are also friendly and attentive. It is a fun place. Even when ordering a Sugar Honey Iced Tea, they tell you on the menu you can just order it as a “SHIT.”

I highly suggest paying Sugar Freak a visit. You will not be disappointed! I know I will be going back to try some more things.

Have you ever been to Sugar Freak?

Sugar-Freak in astoria, ny ©hollydayz