Staying At A Sunshine State Retreat in Kissimmee, Florida

Orlando, Florida can have moments where spending money on a hotel doesn’t seem too ideal. With all the theme parks in the area hotels can really run you a great deal of money especially in peak times. After doing a little searching I found this cute home to stay in that was attached to the owners home.


The sunshine retreat was located in a nice community in Kissimmee. There were so many nice homes in the area. The drive from the airport wasn’t too long. You certainly need a car for the area. Even going to the store, such as Walmart, a car was needed. Besides that it s a great location and quiet. It is centrally located near many attractions and doesn’t take much time to get there.

Sunshine Retreat

There are actually 2 homes or little apartments attached to the main home. So there were some other people staying on the other side, but I never saw them. The owners allow you to park in their driveway and just walk through a gated door to get to the apartment area. As soon as I walked up to the door I saw my name in chalk. I thought that was a nice personally touch and cute.

Upon walking inside there was a long hallway. To the left was a bedroom. It was a nice size with a ceiling fan. There was a chair to relax in and a television. Walking down the hallway further was a nice sized bathroom with all the towels and wash cloths you could need. The shower also had gel, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers. There was also ample counter space.

The last room on the left was another bedroom. This room had a high table and chairs, a toaster, and also had a television. Although there was no cable they did have Netflix, Hulu, and more. Next to the back bedroom was an efficiency kitchen area. I couldn’t cook anything, but there was a microwave.  There was also cups, plates, and flatware. A mini fridge was also below the sink.

The Extras

Outside in the backyard were plenty of sitting areas and a hammock. There was also a nice size inclosed pool and jacuzzi. It was a little chilly so I didn’t use the pool. On the other side of the pool was a fire pit and a grill. I tried out the fire pit, but it didn’t last long as I ran out of sticks. So I took my happy self back inside. There was also wifi and the connection was great so I was very happy about that.

An Overview

I enjoyed my brief stay at my Sunshine State Retreat. It was really nice and rejuvenating to relax. I loved how the backyard lit up at night. I wish there was a stove, but I got by with the toaster and microwave. I would have loved to gotten into the pool, but I believe there is always a next time. There was also a book left in one of the rooms that had notes from past travelers who stayed there. I loved reading the book and added to it myself!

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