Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah, Georgia

I love dessert! A staple in Savannah is the infamous Leopold’s Ice Cream. After having dinner at The Pirate House I was in a rush to get over to Leopold’s before they closed. I was very happy that I got there and with enough time to spare to really check the place out.

From what I have heard from many others, there is usually a very long line at Leopold’s. Typically the line is out the door. When we arrived there was a fairly short line so it seems we lucked out. There was no menu until you got to the counter to order. Unless you frequent there I can assume that may end up creating a longer line.

Upon entering I also noticed a bunch of movie posters on the wall. Leopold’s Ice Cream has a great history that dates back to 1919. My favorite aspect of this history is that one of the founder’s youngest son, Stratton Leopold, went on to follow his dreams of working in Hollywood. He served as a producer on several movies including The General’s Daughter and Mission Impossible 3. This is my favorite part of the history seeing as I too produce and have an entertainment industry background so this is excited me. Movie memorabilia outfitted the entire place.

While waiting on the line I noticed a bride and groom come in and get on the line. I thought it was cute and special that they came to Leopold’s in their gown and tux. I let them go in front of me and asked them was this a place they had met or something. They both said no they just heard so much about the infamous place and had to come get some ice cream. I thought that was pretty awesome!

leopolds ice cream in savannah, ga ©hollydayz
Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae ©2016 HollyDayz

Once I was finally able to order the choices were on overload. I opted to go with my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip, and had them back it a sundae. As I sat down to indulge, I began to notice more and more of the movie memorabilia. The ice cream was really good. They gave me a lot and I honestly couldn’t finish it all. After I couldn’t eat any more I began to walk around taking it all in. We even found an old phone booth and working jukebox!

There are ample places to sit, tons of flavors to choose from, and great prices. Clearly my favorite touch was all the movie stuff, from the movie posters, old set props, and so much more. I would certainly return next time I am in Savannah. I would highly recommend to visit this piece of history and indulge a little….or a lot.

Have you ever been to Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah, Georgia? What did you order?

leopolds ice cream in savannah, ga ©hollydayz