Eating At Jim’s Steaks in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to many notable things, The Rocky Stairs, The Liberty Bell, and so many other historical places and things. One extremely notable thing is the Philly Cheesesteak. Visiting and not eating on is sinful and you honestly would be missing out! While many people would make certain suggestions to eat at Geno’s and other infamous spots, the place that you really need to go for a delicious cheesesteak is Jim’s Steaks and that is exactly where I headed!

Of course a local told me Jim’s was the place to go. More specifically the gentlemen at the front desk of the Hilton hotel I stayed at. So of course before leaving Philly we had to get a cheesesteak. Philadelphia is pretty easy to navigate so it was very easy to find Jim’s Steaks. Parking was also fairly easy as well.

Jim Steaks in Philadelphia, PA ©HollyDayz
The line of people and the menu ©2016 HollyDayz

Upon walking in there was a small line that eventually grew. It wasn’t even the afternoon yet and a bunch of people where getting cheesesteaks including us. We got on the line and let the gentleman know what exactly we wanted. I never realized till the night before that cheese wiz is what really makes a real good Philly cheese steak. Never realized otherwise.

Jim Steaks in Philadelphia, PA ©HollyDayz
Upstairs seating area ©2016 HollyDayz

I saw an old-fashioned looking cream soda and ordered that too. There wasn’t a ton of seating downstairs, but I spotted a sign saying there was more upstairs. There was a ton of sitting upstairs. Photos were adorned all over the walls up and downstairs. There were so many autographed photos on the walls. So many celebrities have eaten at Jim’s Steaks, I even saw Denzel Washington had eaten there as well.

The cheesesteak looked delicious and it was so good once I took a bite into it. I am not big on onions so I did light onions, but otherwise it was your typically Philly cheesesteak and very delicious. I almost wished I had another one, but I was pretty close to being very full. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Jim’s and people watching from the upstairs window while enjoying my meal.

Jim Steaks in Philadelphia, PA ©HollyDayz
Philly Cheesesteaks ©2016 HollyDayz

Jim’s goes back to the 1930s when Jim and his wife Millie made cheesesteaks and sell them out of their front window at their home. It has grown into something amazing with 3 locations around Philadelphia. If for some reason you can’t get to Philly and you live in the continental United States then you can always have one sent to you, they do ship! They say no order is too large.

Jim Steaks in Philadelphia, PA ©HollyDayz
Front of the West Philly location ©2016 HollyDayz

If you don’t want it shipped then t’s time to plan a trip! I highly recommend skipping those other places and going straight to Jim’s Steaks in Philadelphia, PA! You will not regret it!

Jim Steaks in Philadelphia, PA ©HollyDayz