Penthouse Living in Cartagena, Colombia

Looking for a great place to stay can be a challenge at times. Sometimes there aren’t enough options and other times too many. Cartagena has plenty of great options, but for the money, it seemed much better to go with an Airbnb and immerse me into the culture a bit. I really enjoyed this particular Airbnb a great deal!

Penthouse-Living-in Cartagena Colombia ©HollyDayz
Living room/Dining Room area leading out to the balcony ©2016 HollyDayz

The beautiful penthouse is located on the 24th floor. The beach is a couple of short blocks away, which becomes very evident from the gorgeous views the penthouse boasts! There are several stores and supermarkets a block away too. Up and down the street are several restaurants to choose from.

Tour agencies are located right outside the building and can help you set up tours. We used one to set up a couple of tours. There is also a store in the lobby of the building. Taxis stop right outside the building and buses go by if that is something you are interested in. The Walled City is about 5 minutes away. Everything is easy to get to as this place is in a great location.

Penthouse Living

Walking into the apartment it was so bright and airy. The sun was shining and the balcony doors were wide open facing out onto the bay. The decor was modern and really nice. The living room and dining room had great views that showed city scape and the ocean.

The kitchen was a great size with ample storage and a washer/dryer. The windows also had ocean views. They kitchen was well equipped with everything you may need. Even a cooler to take to the beach. Walking down the hall there was a full bathroom with a rain shower. The bathroom also connected to a bedroom. The first bedroom was a great size with 2 beds and of course more ocean views!

Penthouse-Living-in Cartagena Colombia ©HollyDayz
Master bedroom with views ©2016 HollyDayz

Walking further down the hall is another bedroom with an en suite that also had a rain shower. There was another balcony with seating that over looked the ocean. This bedroom also had great ocean views. A safe was located in the closest. The bed was comfortable.

Penthouse-Living-in Cartagena Colombia ©HollyDayz
En Suite Rain Shower ©2016 HollyDayz

The air conditioners worked very well in the room. There is no air conditioner in the living room area. There are moments where it gets pretty warm in there, especially in the early morning hours. The wind will pick up through the kitchen window, but not enough to cool it down. There is a ceiling fan, but it is still warm.

The Extras
WiFi was available, but it wasn’t the best. I couldn’t go too far past the kitchen area before it would cut off. The wi-fi booster wasn’t working well to the rest of the apartment. As long as I stayed in the living room I had no issues. There is a huge television in the living room and you can access Netflix and YouTube from it if you are relaxing and don’t want to listen to television in Spanish all day. I couldn’t find an English-speaking channel.

Penthouse-Living-in Cartagena Colombia ©HollyDayz
Enjoying the Views ©2016 HollyDayz

The balconies were beautiful and provided amazing views. I made sure to close the balcony doors at night as the wind picked up that high up. It was pretty loud with the doors closed. The building also has a pool. It was nice and sitting by it was relaxing. I didn’t make any time to actually get in.

An Overview
I enjoyed my time in this beautiful penthouse apartment in Cartagena. I felt like I had a real vacation. It was such a great place to relax, eat my delicious left overs and other things I bought from the nearby stores, and really breathe. It was so nice to have a beautiful place to fully enjoy rather than running in and out. The host was attentive via email and the building manager was really nice even though he spoke no English. I would certainly stay again!

Penthouse-Living-in Cartagena Colombia ©HollyDayz

If you are ever in Cartagena here is the link to this beautiful penthouse apartment. You can use this link to get $20 off your first Airbnb stay!