Visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland

You can’t go to Dublin without drinking the infamous Black Stuff. You can go anywhere in the city and drink some, but a trip to the Guinness Storehouse is pretty cool. Although is a big tourist destination in Dublin, it is a fun experience. Of course, you can’t leave there without drinking a pint of Guinness yourself which comes with the ticket.

Purchasing tickets to the Guinness Storehouse is simple. You can either purchase it online and bypass the lines upon arrival or purchase when you arrive. I purchased when I arrived. The line wasn’t too bad considering it was a Saturday, but it moved pretty quickly. I would recommend going during the week and early, for potentially less of a crowd.

Adults 18 and up the tickets are 14 euros and children are 13.50 euros as of 2017. There are also other discounts for students, seniors citizens, and others. As mentioned, adults get the Guinness pint included in their ticket. Children get a soft drink. When purchasing online you will see they let people in by 15 minute increments, some which are sold out. It didn’t seem they worried much about the time frame when purchasing in person.

Visiting the Guinness storehouse dublin, ireland © HollyDayz
Stuff used to make beer ©2017 HollyDayz

Once inside they start out with a group talk about Guinness. We missed it because the congregation took too long and I wanted to get the self guided tour started. While standing on a line I got to pick up and touch the stuff they used to make beer. Then we came upon a blue lit waterfall which was nice before heading upstairs.

Once we got to the next floor there were a ton of different art work and statues. A lot of interactive things were throughout the entire Storehouse. It was a lot of fun learning about Guinness’ history. We got to one floor and got on a line. You have a choice of learning how to do the perfect pour of a Guinness or you can go up to the Gravity Bar and grab a pint. We choose to learn the perfect pour at the Guinness Academy.

They take a group at a time and teach you how to perfectly pour a pint of Guinness. I now have a certificate to prove my perfect pour! Once we finished we headed up the Gravity Bar which took forever. The elevator was always packed and took awhile to go up and down and we didn’t feel like walking up the stairs. They also don’t allow you on the escalator with glass so we had to wait.

Visiting the Guinness storehouse dublin, ireland © HollyDayz
One of many views from the Gravity Bar ©2017 HollyDayz

While we waited I noticed some amazing Irish music coming out of the food court area. It was actually the first time I heard Irish music while being in Dublin. Once we finally got up to the Gravity Bar we didn’t stay very long. It was so packed! There were minimal tables and chairs, which were taken. It was like a sardine can in there. I tried to move around a bit to catch some glimpses of the 360 view of the city from above. Soon we couldn’t stand the crowd and I took my pint and headed downstairs.

Once down towards the exit I kept drinking my beer while shopping for souvenirs. They gladly took my glass back at the counter when I was done as there is no place to put it. So many people were looking for where they could sit it down before they left. They should have a seating area.

It was a lot of fun to see how Guinness is made, the history, and more. Drinking it was even better, it actually tasted really good. Stepping back outside onto the cobblestone, I took a step back and thought how much history has happened on these streets. We began to walk away towards the taxi area, leaving happy because we had such a fun experience, more than we expected.

Have you ever been to the Guinness Storehouse? How was your experience?

Visiting the Guinness storehouse dublin, ireland © HollyDayz