Unwinding at the Spa at Napa River Inn

When heading out to Napa, California, usually the first thing on almost everyone’s mind is wine. Although for many that is a great way to unwind, heading to the spa is an awesome way to do so as well! So after a long flight and then a drive, it seemed only fitting that one of my first activities in Napa was to get a massage. So my friend and I headed over to the Spa at Napa River Inn.

Making an appointment is fairly easy. It can be done directly on their website, over the phone, and I have heard people spontaneously walked in. The Spa is actually apart of the Napa River Inn Hotel, but it is in a separate building. We walked into the hotel and the front desk told us it was out the door and across the street. The doorway was surrounded by beautiful flowers and gave me the feeling that I was about to step into serenity.

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Due to running into some traffic and then going into the hotel first we were a bit late for our appointment. None the less when we walked in everyone was extremely friendly and ready to answer any questions we may have had. We were offered a choice of water or tea and as hot as it was, water was fitting. There is a list of teas if that is something you would prefer.

The Spa at Napa River Inn isn’t a huge place, it is actually small, peaceful, and quaint. I loved it. There isn’t any whirlpools, or couches by a fireplace, if that is what you’re looking for. Their focus is on their massages, facials, and body treatments customizing it to each individual person. No one will get a robotic massage, but one that is specifically tailored.

There is a wall of products that they not only use, but also sell. They had 4 different body butters to try that they would be using during the massages. Vanilla, Green Tea, Passion Fruit, And Rose Petals were the body butter scents we had to choose from. They all smelled good, but my friend and I both ended up choosing Passion Fruit. These products have been made with grape seeds, which is fitting being in Napa. The products aren’t from other vendors, but from the manager herself, who was pretty amazing to talk to.

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We both choose a 60 minute therapeutic massage. I opted for Swedish, while my friend went for a Deep Tissue. Neither one of us are strangers to massages, especially my friend who goes a few times a month to get one. My massage therapist was Luke. He was very nice and immediately asked if there were any problem areas, what area were most important to focus on, and more. He really wanted to make sure I was comfortable and had a great session.

During the session he asked if I wanted to get oil in my hair. I told him no and he made sure to wrap it so that wouldn’t happen. The room was nicely dim and music was playing, but I also heard what sounded like waves crashing. Relaxation at its finest. Luke would check in periodically to make sure the pressure was to my liking.

The Passion Fruit body butter I choose smelled and felt amazing on my skin. My upper back and arm had been killing me and I can say when it was all over I had no pain whatsoever. Luke offered a face massage, which I happily took. Face massages are soothing and give that ‘ahhhh’ feeling. He also asked if I wanted an abdominal massage, which I have never had, but I opted not to get and instead focus on the areas that were most important. I highly recommend Luke when visiting.

Aftermath of an amazing massage ©2017 HollyDayz

My friend had Katy. He said she was really good and that the two of them had a great conversation. She too asked him about his problematic areas which she tended to. Although he had a different tailored experience he enjoyed it and said she did an excellent job. He came out of the room looking like the best nap he ever had! He was completely relaxed, and I honestly think he may have dozed off at some point in the room.

The Spa at Napa River Inn is very clean and comfortable. The bathroom is huge and has q-tips, combs, cotton balls, and more. I know I looked like I had just woken up from the best sleep in life and ready for more when I was done so I fixed my hair up. When I stepped out Luke was there with water as was Katy. It is such a nice place with a remarkable staff.

Some amenities in the bathroom ©2017 HollyDayz

Massages are great for your wellness, releasing stress, moving out toxins, and much more. I have heard they have some amazing facials too and I would go back to try one out as well. The Spa also offers hot oil treatments, tea bag eye compress, foot therapy, energy healing, exfoliation, wraps, waxes, and more. All in all one could spend the entire day there.

I came out feeling like a million bucks just off the massage so I can only imagine the other services they provide. My skin looked and felt so smooth and bright. I should have purchased the Passion Fruit body butter. I am going to have to grab some next time I am in the area. It was so amazing, I was sad to take a shower and wash it off.

If you are in the Napa area and want to look after your own wellness or simply just unwind and be in a state of bliss The Spa at Napa River Inn is the place to go!

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Unwinding at The Spa at napa River Inn

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Disclaimer: Thank you to The Spa at Napa River Inn for having us. While receiving complimentary massages all opinions and views are our own.