Queens International Night Market in New York City

It is a known fact that Queens, New York is an extremely diverse place. You can travel all around it and experience so many different cultures. With that comes all types of foods! At the Queens International Night Market that is exactly what you get, different types of foods from all over the world. So of course my friend, Joanna and I had to see what all we could eat!

The Queens International Night Market takes place every Saturday during the summer at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. It is located right behind the Hall of Science. Rain or shine you will find vendors from all over Queens serving up some delicious food. Not only are there tons of food to choose from, but you can purchase hats, clothes, jewelry, and more!

Queens-International night market ©hollydayz
One of many vendors ©2017 HollyDayz

Although this is a very family friendly event, this is also a great place for a date, to hang out with friends, or just roam around alone. Bringing your ID will allow you into an adults only area, where they serve beer and wine. There are picnic tables to sit down and eat, games, live performances, and of course a dance floor. There is tons of fun to be had here.

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Picnic Tables, Performances, & Dance Floor ©2017 HollyDayz

The event starts at 6pm and goes until midnight. I recommend getting there early if possible. Food does get sold out so if you really wanted to try something it may be gone. Vendors also change, the couple of times I went I noticed some of the same vendors and some where completely different. The majority of the vendors only take cash, luckily if you forget to bring some there is an ATM on site. Most of the food is $7 or less.

Queens-International night market ©hollydayz
Joanna excited to eat her corn! ©2017 HollyDayz

One of the best parts is watching a lot of the food getting made right in front of you. Many of the vendors are fun to watch. It is like an art and people will gather around to watch the process. Once handed over you see several people taking pictures of their food before they would even think to touch it. Of course we wanted to try everything, but even with the decent sized portions, it is easy to quickly get full.

See the delicious food we ate, what vendors were out, and more in the vlog below!

Have you ever been to the Queens International Night Market?

Queens-International night market ©hollydayz