Scottish Highlands Tour with Rabbie’s

When preparing to head to Scotland, I knew taking a tour was something I really wanted to do. After plenty of research I checked out Rabbie’s Tours, but there was one main issue, there were so many. They had so many tours to choose from and I wanted to do them all.

Rabbie’s has a multitude of tours to choose from leaving from different parts of Scotland. We were in Edinburgh and weren’t in town for long so we went with a 1 day tour. We decided on the Scottish Highlands Tour and I am glad we did. We met outside of the Rabbie’s office, which was within walking distance of our hotel to begin our tour.

There were plenty of people out there going on different tours. We boarded our 16 passenger Mercedes van and began heading out of the city as the sun started to rise. Our tour guides were great and of course very knowledgeable. They kept things very entertaining, gave us information and tidbits as we passed things, as well as when we stopped, and even knew when to just chill and give some quietness. Although we didn’t stop the first thing we saw leaving town, where this huge horse heads known as Kelpies.

Our first stop was a small town, Callander, which many tourists stop at on the way to the Highlands. We were able to get out for a bit, walk around, use the restroom, and explore. We stopped and got some hot chocolate from an establishment. I got mine with marshmallows and it gave me Lucky Charms vibes. After the quick stop we got back on the bus and continued on our ride.

We saw cute fuzzy cows, beautiful rainbows, stopped to see a beautiful loch in Glencoe and The 3 Sisters, beautiful mountains and lush greenery. It was pretty cold, windy, and grey out, but still very enjoyable. We also saw plenty of Harry Potter areas and references. Scotland is riddled with them.

The beginning of Loch Ness © hollydayz 2022

After some more riding we made it to Loch Ness. The tour guides gave us ample time to get lunch, walk around, and take a boat ride on the Loch Ness. We were the only ones from our group who took the ride. They sell snacks on board as well as drinks. You can sit inside or up top outside. We tried outside, but it was too cold, so we went inside and listened to the guide give us information in warmth.

Out on Loch Ness © hollydayz 2022

The scenery, like everywhere else we stopped, was gorgeous. We loved the boat ride and highly recommenced it, if you go. You can watch the vlog to see if we happened to spot the Loch Ness monster or not.

Headed back to Edinburgh, we saw the Grampian Mountains, made a couple more stops at a dam, a store to get food and souvenirs, and more. By then everyone was tired and dozing in and out of sleep. It was an amazing day tour that I would highly recommend. Check out Rabbie’s and their other tours. I would love to check out some others next time.

Have you ever been to the Scottish Highlands?