Cactus Blossom & Dark Chocolate Truffles Review

These two candles are both from Bath and Body Works and can usually be found in store or online. Candles are also subjective. I may think something smells great and others may say otherwise, but always worth a sniff.

Cactus Blossom

When I first smelled this candle on cold (not lit) it smelled really good. It had a light floral scent. The fragrance notes are Desert Cactus Flower Petals, Fresh Sparkling Citrus, and Warm Vanilla Coconut so I purchased it.

It had a very nice even burn. The wicks had a slight mushroom effect, so they would most definitely need to be trimmed in between burns. It smelled really good, but this three wick doesn’t have much of a throw. It may be better suited in a smaller area. The burn time is 25-45 hours and it doesn’t seem to burn too fast. I won’t repurchase this candle.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

This candle smelled like cherries with a hint of chocolate when I first smelled it. I loved it and had to buy it. The fragrance notes are Rich Chocolate, Gooey Butterscotch, and Candied Cherry. I didn’t really pick up the butterscotch scent, nonetheless it smells great.

This three wick candle has a really nice even burn. I haven’t had any issues with the wick mushrooming up. It has a nice throw. It isn’t a strong throw, more like a medium. I wish it would spread around the house. The cherry smell comes to the forefront. The burn time is 25-45 hours and it doesn’t seem to burns at a great rate. I would repurchase this candle.