Blush Poinsettia & Toasted Hazelnut Praline Candles Review

Candles are a great way to uplift your mood and give your space a different vibe. It can make you feel like you are somewhere you aren’t or remind you of a place you have been. These two candles are both from Bath and Body Works and can usually be found in store or online. Candles are also subjective. I may think something smells great and others may say otherwise, but always worth a sniff.

Blush Poinsettia

Blush Poinsettia ©HollyDayz 2022

When I first smelled this candle on cold (not lit) it smelled like baby powder or similar. Very fresh and clean. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try it or not, but it did smell nice so I purchased it. The fragrance notes are rose petals, green ivy, and sweet marshmallows.

It seemed to burn evenly and full. The throw (how intense the scent is when lit) is really good. I could smell it in more than one room and it definitely filled up a large room. It still gave me baby powder vibes and I could smell the rose petals emerging the longer it burned.

The wicks tend to mushroom so they most certainly need to be trimmed before relighting. You should always be trimming your wicks, but this is a must. The burn time is 25-45 hours and it doesn’t seem to burn too fast. I may repurchase.

Toasted Hazelnut Praline

Toasted Hazelnut Praline © HollyDayz 2022

When I first heard about this candle I knew I had to get my hands on it. I love hazelnut and pralines so I figured this was going to smell great. The first few sniffs on cold, it smelled good, but it wasn’t giving me much. The fragrance notes are hazelnut, toasted marshmallow, and vanilla woods.

Many people felt this candle had a light throw and returned it. I will admit when I first lit it, the throw was weird. I didn’t smell it in the room I was in, I would smell it a room away or down the hall, but it did smell really good when I did catch the scent. After a few more burns it really started to fill up the room and kind of makes me wish I could eat the air. It also brings me back to my time in Savannah, Georgia and I am pondering on ordering some pralines.

These wicks I haven’t found mushroomed and it burns nice and even. The burn time says 25-45 hours as well. I have burned it many times and still have plenty left, so it isn’t going quickly which is great. Especially since I only purchased one. I would definitely repurchase this one.