App Of The Month: Swimply

With it being summer, one thing many people would love to do is swim or relax by a pool. Unfortunately not everyone has a pool or even access to one. Here is where this free app comes in handy. Swimply is how you can reserve your time at someone else’s pool.

Swimply is the Airbnb of pools. If you don’t have access to a pool or looking for a better one to use this is the app to do it! With Swimply you would be renting a pool by the hour. Upon opening the app, you are able to input the location in which you would want to book a pool as well as the number of guests. It will tell you the current weather in that location over the next couple of days or you can click Any Day, I’m Flexible.

Weather info

Upon moving on from there, a map populates pools you can reserve all over and price per hour. There are also some thumbnails of pools you can scroll threw. When looking at the details of the pool you may be interested in, it shows you photos, the host, how many guests are allowed, dimensions and depth of the pool, information about the pool, rules, a full description, privacy information, amenities, and reviews. Some rentals charge for adding on to your experience, some are free some are extra.

Swimply also allows you to check out current, upcoming, and past dips you had and chat with the hosts. On the flip side if you own a pool and want to rent out your pool/space this is a way to make some extra income with something you already have. They have also introduced, Swimply Spaces and plan to expand. With this people will be able to rent tennis courts, music studios, boats, private gyms, roof tops, and more.

There is both an app or website. Fun fact to know is, the owner was on Shark Tank, but he didn’t get a deal from any of the sharks.

Would you place a booking on Swimply or list your pool?

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