Trying A 2 Day Pressed Juice Cleanse

I decided to attempt a juice cleanse. I wanted to see how it would make me feel and if I would lose any weight. I thought about making them myself, but I decided to go with a company and have the juices ready to go. That turned into a lot of research as there are plenty of places to order juices from. It is a bit hard to figure out which would taste best as well because everyone has different opinions. After talking to a couple of friends and scanning the internet, I decided to go with Pressed.


Pressed is all around the country and if there isn’t one close by, there are other stores that carry their juices. They also deliver nationwide. I found a local spot that carries their juices and had them delivered to me same day. They have so many juices to choose from and they also have 1 day and half-day cleanse bundles you can choose from. There is a beginner, advanced, customer favorite, and a smoothie + juice cleanse. All the information on every juice and what is in each of them can be found on their site.

Picking a Cleanse

Most people I saw did a 3 day cleanse. I have never done a juice cleanse and I thought 3 may be pushing it for the first time. I also didn’t want to buy 3 days worth of juice and not drink them all. Since Pressed has a 1 day cleanse I thought that I could at the very least get to day 2. This prompted me to buy two, 1 day cleanses. After looking at the different juices in the bundles, I decided to go with two of the customer favorites. It comes with 6 juices for 1 day and they are 15.2 Fl OZ. I ordered them the day before I was going to start the cleanse.

Day 1

I didn’t eat much the day before so I was pretty hungry. I had Greens 2 at 11am. I could smell the celery in it, which wasn’t very appealing. It tasted OK, but it wasn’t great. The apple and lemon definitely help offset the celery flavor. The more I drank it, it wasn’t so bad. The hunger feeling started to diminish as I drank it, but I felt the urge to eat something. My guess is because that is usually what I do, eat. By 11:45am I had only got halfway through the bottle and I started to wonder how I was going to get through all of these juices. By 12:35pm I finally finished the first one.

When you are not drinking the juices you supposed to be drinking water, so I drank about 12 oz. Around 1:45pm I started on the second bottle which was Citrus 2 because I began feeling hungry again. I could smell the apple and mint. It was a little tart, but the mint and pineapple taste made it a lot better. I did a 35 minute stretch and workout while drinking this one and finished bottle 2 at 3:13pm.

Again, I started feeling slight hunger, so at 4:05pm I started on Greens 3. It did’t taste great and was not a favorite of mine. At 6:30pm I was still trying to finish it off and decided chugging it was the way to go. I really wanted to eat. Everyone around me was eating and at this point I would have been happy even just licking a piece of food.

I wasn’t even hungry, but by 6:57pm I started on Root 3 because I figured I needed to drink all of these juices. I could smell the lemon and ginger. It had a spicy kick that I could feel in the back of my throat. This one also had a beet aftertaste. 9pm rolled around and I hadn’t finished Root 3, so I put it back in the fridge. I skipped Citrus thinking it was a bit late for that and moved on to the Vanilla Almond for a late dinner.

I started this last one at 9:08pm, which smelled interesting and tasted gritty. The vanilla aftertaste was not for me either. That also ended up back in the fridge, I couldn’t finish it.

Day 2

I weighed myself in the morning and saw I had dropped 1 pound. My stomach also looked noticeably less bloated. For day 2 I decided I was going to drink the juices out of order because I preferred particular ones over the others. I drank Citrus 2 for breakfast and finished it around noon. Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of Roots 3, I decided to finish it off at 12:20pm and that spicy kick was still no joke.

My appetite was good and I felt fine. At 2:30pm I began drinking Citrus 1. The first thing I smelled and tasted was cucumber. The pineapple helped the flavor a lot. I began debating if I wanted to keep drinking the juices. I was kind of over it and I knew I would not get through 6 on this day either. Plus I still had some left over from the day before.

I ended up eating a hand full of grapes and New England Clam Chowder. So that pretty much ended the juice cleanse. That is all I ate the entire day. I did drink another juice. I also drank the rest of the juices on other days as a food substitute.


I would do another juice cleanse. In fact, I am thinking of doing another one before the year is out. I am however going to handpick which juices I want rather than the cleanse bundles. I also think I will just do 1 day. I could barely drink all 6 juices in one day. Whatever is left over after doing it for a day, I would just use as a food substitute on the following days. They have also come out with a lot of new juices that I would love to try.

I felt good. I hadn’t lost any more weight, but the 1 pound. I was fine with that. I wasn’t eating much junk food, but the cleanse curved the bit I was craving even more. It also pulled me from drinking juices from the store and drink 100% water all day long. I also feel like I began to eat even better. Eventually dropping 10 pounds.

I would definitely recommend it doing a juice cleanse. Pressed overall had some good juices and I am looking forward to trying some of their new flavors as well.