App of the Month: GetYourGuide

Figuring out where you want to go and how you are going to get there is only a part of traveling. What to do and see once you get to the destination is a whole other thing. People are always trying to discover what there is to do in different cities. Attempting to find the best tour or activity can be daunting, especially when there are so many companies doing the same thing. GetYouGuide is an app to help you figure out what you can do in many cities around the world.

GetYourGuide is a free app that brings together guided tours, cooking classes, sightseeing tours, and much more into one place. The app gives you the opportunity to see tons of things to do all around the world. It has some great and easy to use features. The activities can also be purchased directly through the app.

app of the month: get your guide © hollydayz

The app is really easy to use. You can either search a destination or check out the many popular ones to see what actives are available. One you choose a destination you can put the dates in to see what actives are happening. The app also gives a list of recommendations. Once you put your dates in a list will come up and show ratings, prices, and more.

app of the month: get your guide © hollydayz

If you see something that interests you, then you can read more about the details, ratings from others including their thoughts, as well as a map. GetYourGuide also has filters to help you best find the activities for you. The filters include but are not limited to services, price per person, languages, and more. These options will enable you to really find the best things to do for you and whom ever you are traveling with.

GetYourGuide also allows you to manage your bookings so they are all in one place. It is also great that they let you wishlist activities so you can save them for the future. I have found a few things I would love to do in different cities around the world and have saved them for future use. This app would also be great to discover new things in your own hometown! I am looking forward to finding more! This is why the app of the month is GetYourGuide.

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Have you ever used GetYourGuide? What activity did you do?