App of the Month: Mobile Passport

If you have ever flown out of the country then you know coming back can be a nightmare. Long lines wrapped around so that someone can check your passport and potentially ask you some questions. You could literally be standing there for an hour or more. A free app aims to help you bypass those long lines, Mobile Passport.

The Mobile Passport app is officially authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. That makes it official and not just some random app. Although you can not use it at every airport in the U.S there are plenty you can use it at. Some of these airports include, New York’s JFK, Atlanta, Miami, and more. You can see the complete list here.

app of the month: mobile passport © hollydayz

This app will let you submit your passport information and customs declaration via iOS and Android devices. Not only are you able to put information in for yourself, but also for your family as well. Once you land you can submit your information and receive a receipt. The receipt allows you to bypass all the long annoying lines and enter into your own lane. Once you show your passport and receipt to a U.S Customs and Border Protection officer you can be on your merry way.

The airports are starting to include signage to inform and remind people to use the app. I recently flew into JFK and saw huge signs promoting Mobile Passport. I have not yet personally used the app as I have Global Entry, but I have heard from numerous people who have used it and they loved it. Some people have even said it is faster than Global Entry so I plan to give it a go next time and see for myself.

You can also learn more about this app here. So if you don’t already have Global Entry or you just want to give it a whirl, try out Mobile Passport.

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Have you used Mobile Passport before? How was your experience?