Things To Know About DreamWorks Water Park at American Dream

American Dream is an extremely large mall that has a ton of retail space and entertainment located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is very close to New York City. To me, it is a mix of the Mall of America and Dubai Mall. This is a great place to go with family, friends, a date, or even solo. The amount of things to do, would take more than one trip to experience it all. One thing to do is visit the DreamWorks Water Park.

The Water Park

DreamWorks Water Park is said to be the largest indoor water park in North America at 8.5 acres. It is 6 stories high and houses the world’s biggest indoor wave pool at 1.5 acres. The Water Park also has 15 slides and 15 attractions including the world’s second tallest body slides. There is a Shrek themed lazy river. Poolside Cabanas and Private Skybox Suites can also be rented out.


American Dream Mall

As I stated before, the American Dream is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is extremely close to Met Life Stadium. If you don’t drive, there are other ways to get to American Dream. Buses, ridershare, and the NY Waterway will bring you there. If you do drive, there are thousands of spaces, parking is free for the first 30 minutes and $5 per vehicle. It is suggested to park in Lot B or C for any of their attractions, especially the water park. We parked in lot C and it wasn’t that far a walk.


As of February 2023, during non-peak times, tickets are $79 and during peak times, it varies between $89-$99. There is a season splash pass for $139. They also have a twilight ticket, if you come for the last 2 hours of the parks operation times the entrance fee is $49-$59 depending on the date. If you stay on the lookout, you may be able to get a ticket for cheaper. We were able to purchase tickets at $39.50 per person. They also encourage you to buy your tickets in advance online, not just because they sell out, but it avoids a surcharge of $10 a ticket at the counter. Kids 2 and under are free.


Entrance/Lobby Area

After taking the walk through the mall and passing the ice skating rink, you will see Nickelodeon Universe and DreamWorks Water Park. There is a long ramp you can go down, so if you have a stroller, walker, wheelchair etc, there are no issues. The check-in area looks like a hotel lobby. Once you check-in they give you wristbands and you can go in through a door that leads you into a hallway.

There are different changing room areas in the hallway, men, women, and families. Changing and bathroom stalls, lockers for rent, and showers ( you are supposed to keep your clothes on as there are no doors.) To get into the water park you have to go through the changing rooms and down another ramp or stairs. I didn’t use the lockers because I just put everything in the bottom of the stroller. Lockers are $15-$20 depending on the size. There are also some lockers inside the water park area.


They don’t want you to bring food or drinks in. They do allow one bottle of water per person, but that is about it. No one checked anything though and the way the prices were, at least bring a snack. There are also no issues bringing in baby formula as I saw plenty of parents giving their babies bottles.

There is a snack stand and in true theme park fashion it is pricey. Water was $4 unless you wanted a Smart Water, then it is $5. A personal pan pizza $14, grapes $6, hot dog $7, peanut butter and jelly sandwich $9, Dippin’ Dots $6. I think you get the gist. They had pretzels, different types of sandwiches, fruit, and more. There is also the option to go out into the mall and eat if you would like, but honestly who wants to get dressed, go eat and then come back to the water park?


There is a shop next to the food stand. If you want or forgot a towel, water shoes, waterproof land yard etc. The water park doesn’t provide towels, so don’t forget one and then end up having to pay. I am not sure how much all the items were, but the water proof lanyard for a smart phone was $25, as were a pair of water shoes. Pretty sure a towel wasn’t cheap.

Poolside Cabanas/SkyBox Suites

There are poolside cabanas in 2 different areas of the park. Both overlook the wave pool. My suggestion would be, if possible to get one near the snack stand. I noticed there was more room and privacy on that side. The other cabanas were very close to a couple of rides and constantly had people walking very close back and forth. There is curtain you can pull for privacy, but it is personal preference.

Inside the cabana is 2 loveseats and a table. It does not include food or beverages. Non-peak prices are $150 and Peak price is $300 for the day. Each private poolside cabana allows 4-5 ticketed guests.

Skybox Suites

There are also skybox suites that has elevators and private bathrooms for each floor. They all overlook the entire park. These suites comes with a flat screen TV, coffee table, 3 seater sofa, other soft seating, a private changing room, storage area, and Coca-Cola beverages. The door does stay locked and from what I noticed you get a wristband to go in and out. These suites do not come with food, but you can have food from around the mall delivered to the suite. Some people also host parties.

There are 3 different suites, Ocean (650 sq. ft), Bay (250 sq. ft), and Sea (400 sq. ft.) These suites can hold between 8-16 guests depending on which you choose. During non-peak times the Bay goes for $400, peak $700, Sea $600 non-peak, $900 peak, and Ocean $1200 for both non-peak and peak times.


There are life jackets on both sides of the park. They come in all sizes. I would highly suggest putting one on your children. Also if you don’t know how to swim, I would recommend wearing one for certain areas as well. There are a couple of slides that dump you out into 8 and 10 feet of water. One of the ride operators asked everyone if they could swim before she let them go down and I realized why, when I went head first into the water and had to swim up and out. I saw a lifeguard jump in when they thought someone couldn’t get out.

Kids Area

There is a kids area called Kungfu Panda Temple of Awesomeness. It is only for kids 36 – 42 inches tall. You can take your child up to certain areas and go down a slide with them. They also have the largest indoor tipping bucket in the world. Penguins Frozen Fun Zone has 6 kid friendly slides for those who are 36-48 inches tall. No adults.

Far Far ABay

Bubbly Lazy River, which I didn’t find to be that lazy, but rather moves pretty quickly also allows kids under 42 inches as long as they are accompanied. Far Far Abay, wave pool is really great. Once the horn sounds the waves start coming, until they everyone is swimming or standing in it. There is a very shallow area and a very deep end. Plenty for kids to do.

Other Things To Note

There are plenty of things to do to fill up your time at the water park. Depending on when you go, you can also get on the same slide/ride multiple times. I didn’t get on every attraction. After awhile I got super hungry and tired. I am not a fan of walking up stairs and there are a lot of those that go way up there. If your eyes are sensitive to salt water being sprayed into them, I would recommend goggles. My eyes stung a bit from it.

After walking around a bit you will get the lay of the land better. The signage can be a bit confusing. They also have tubes on one side you have to pick up and walk over to another side with, my guess is to help with the lines. There is a turbo pass that can be purchased, to get on the rides quicker. Enjoy your time feeling like a mini vacation because it was hot and humid inside and the sunlight pouring in was great.

Have you been to the DreamWorks Water Park?